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  1. Damn Nukes,nice to meet you! Glad we could staff together for a little time!
  2. Granted,but you spelled it wrong (I wish i was more intelligent) so it won't come true. I wish the responses would actually make sense to the questions prior cough cough.
  3. Granted,but he hid his post. I wish to go ahead in time
  4. Refunded,given to player in game.
  5. Refunded,given to player in game.
  6. Refunded,left near your farm,please confirm.
  7. Left near your last known location.Please confirm.
  8. Please,in order to get your rank on discord,type the following message "This is for discord,Hals_G_Ruch#8090" in the chat without a nickname on and put it in #technical_support in our discord server.
  9. Refunded items,left near Smiley at your base,please confirm.
  10. Refunded,left at your base,please confirm
  11. Refunded items,please confirm,placed near your tinker smeltery,,
  12. Refunded,placed near you tinker smeltery,please confirm.
  13. Refunded items,in a chest near your solar panel,please confirm.
  14. Refunded.confirmed by player in game T/C
  15. Items placed in a birch chest at your base. Please confirm.
  16. They are allowed,as long as nothing innapropriate is shown,we do not have any rule agaisnt loli's,no.However,if it does get out of hand and any "parts" are shown,you will be punished accordingly.If you plan on recreating this,please keep it to yourself (in your base) and as I said above,keep it clean ^^!
  17. Placed in a chest at your base.Waiting for confirmation,and as Huddy said,please use the linked template in future refund requests.
  18. Placed at a dark oak chest at your place,awaiting confirmation:
  19. Refunded,placed in a oak chest at your place.Awaiting confirmation:
  20. Yup,I can for sure build it,however I don't know how to allow the players to use it,and also shrines seem to work now.I think we can still add a shrine to spawn because that's how it was when revelation first got out:the shrines worked for a little bit,then they stopped working.Waiting for another reply before I build it at spawn.
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