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  1. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request] Hals_G_Ruch

    Refunded,please confirm
  2. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request] DarkKnight2107

    Refunded,left at your base,please confirm
  3. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request] DarkKnight2107

  4. Refunded items,please confirm,placed near your tinker smeltery,,
  5. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request] DarkKnight2107

    Refunded,placed near you tinker smeltery,please confirm.
  6. FreeFallFTW

    Refund request

    Refunded items,in a chest near your solar panel,please confirm.
  7. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request] KittyMagnet

    Refunded.confirmed by player in game T/C
  8. FreeFallFTW

     [Refund Request] levi779

    Items refunded,please confirm.
  9. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request]

    Items placed in a birch chest at your base. Please confirm.
  10. FreeFallFTW

    Are lolis allowed?

    They are allowed,as long as nothing innapropriate is shown,we do not have any rule agaisnt loli's,no.However,if it does get out of hand and any "parts" are shown,you will be punished accordingly.If you plan on recreating this,please keep it to yourself (in your base) and as I said above,keep it clean ^^!
  11. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request] lordzombia

    Placed in a chest at your base.Waiting for confirmation,and as Huddy said,please use the linked template in future refund requests.
  12. FreeFallFTW

    Astral Sorcery

    So this issue is one that I and I'm pretty sure other revelation staff are aware of.Astral sorcery shrines don't work.What do I mean by "don't work"?Well they basically don't work.So the first thing that the mod wants you to do before you start playing it,is to understand how it works,which is fairly understandable.To understand the basics of AS,you'll have to understand how the starlight,shrines,starlight crafting and the resonating wand works.So basically,to craft most if not all items from AS,you need a bench infused with starlight.You can't just craft one,as to craft one,that takes starlight.So how do you craft it?Well,you have to rely on random shrines with a crystal under them,to be able to craft the luminous crafting bench.Now here comes the problem,most of the shrines on the map are claimed,and when you do come across one,they don't work.It's like "Nah bruh,I won't work".Jokes aside,what you're supposed to do is put a crafting bench next to a shrine and then a beam should induce starlight in the crafting bench and you should be able to start your item crafting with no problem,however,the shrine just won't accept to do that,it just doesn't work.And I think I've tried enough times,wandering like a dummy in the chat and getting no help(when I wasn't staff,cause when I was I already finished the mod):Well why won't this crystal shine :(. So I think you got what the problem is,the shrines won't allow you to craft the items needed to start the mod,I explained it the paragraph above if you didn't read it.I've also pointed this issue out I think numerous times,if not multiple,at least once,but it seems like it's been neglected and when I was mod I couldn't just go out like a degenerate and put a shrine in the middle of spawn,you'll see why this is relevant in just a second.So I've seen an attempt at fixing this by adding a luminous crafting bench to the spawn(luminous crafting bench is the first item you need to start the mod).I have no ideea about who did this,but it's been pretty poorly executed and kinda careless I feel like?Basically,you can't just put an item in the shop thinking "Oh this will fix it" without even researching the problem.Why doesn't it work you might ask,well,astral sorcery wants you to ACTUALLY understand the mod,and not let you just buy it,so basically,what I'm saying is the fact that buying a luminous crafting bench or getting it thru any process other than crafting it,won't unlock the quest line.Which again,that is basic testing of the solution to solving a mod,aka testing to see if the solution would actually work.Don't take that offensively,it's just what should've been done in my opinion and maybe you could improve on that in the future. Now the solution to solving this would be very easy.Just put a shrine in spawn.The shrine can be build easily with creative,even without creative,however you need a collector crystal which isn't an early mod item.I'd be glad to help building it.After the shrine is built,you just have to link the collector crystal to a crafting table with a linking tool,right click the crystal,then the bench.Now I don't know if the shrine un-links on restarts,but I'm pretty sure it would be less of an effort for players to wait for me to help them start Astral sorcery(which I don't mind,but y'know,I retired for a reason and it'd save them time). Also a comment on the bench's price.It's high,and I mean really high.Also because of the fact that it's completely useless,won't help you with anything,and because it takes so little materials to craft.Pretty sure the players that bought one should just get a refund as it's basically throwing money out the window.Waiting for a response hopefully
  13. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request] steellz

    Given directly to player T/C
  14. FreeFallFTW

    Item Refound

    Placed at a dark oak chest at your place,awaiting confirmation:
  15. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request] Reverser

    Refunded,placed in a oak chest at your place.Awaiting confirmation:
  16. FreeFallFTW

    Astral Sorcery

    Yup,I can for sure build it,however I don't know how to allow the players to use it,and also shrines seem to work now.I think we can still add a shrine to spawn because that's how it was when revelation first got out:the shrines worked for a little bit,then they stopped working.Waiting for another reply before I build it at spawn.
  17. FreeFallFTW

    Wipe Soon?

    It's not neccesary,my bad(I keep forgeting to check that dammit) Wipes are done when neccesary,there's not an actual set time for a wipe.And when is it neccesary,well,from what I've seen wipes are usually done when there's a lotta lag constantly on the server and it keeps persisting even after fixes,or,if the map just gets too filled and it doesn't have that much space left
  18. FreeFallFTW

    Wipe Soon?

    We have more than 5 servers,mind lettin us know which one it is?
  19. FreeFallFTW

    FTB Revelation time for WIPE? Vote here!

    Yus,if we do wipe,let's implement some changes to help some mods to the spawn(astral)!
  20. FreeFallFTW

    Astral Sorcery

    Yea I've seen that,that also works,but maybe the shrine would let players know how the starlight works(dunno).Anyway,only if they actually cared about the mod..The issue has existed for a long long time now
  21. FreeFallFTW

    crafterland launcher hacked my account

    Can't you use another launcher until the problem with this one is fixed,like twitch maybe?
  22. FreeFallFTW

    crafterland launcher hacked my account

    Do you have to make a ticket to change your password..?
  23. FreeFallFTW

    Astral Sorcery Issues - Direwolf20 1.12.2

    Yea,that's a fix as well
  24. FreeFallFTW

    [Creativity in minecraft 1.13] :) xTayxon

    Sorry for necroposting,but,not gonna lie,if the aquarim was a little bigger,I think it'd make for a great spawn
  25. FreeFallFTW

    Vanilla PVP Tournament

    Gg well played everyone : D.Had to leave cause it was 1am but oh well,looking forward to more of these(I mean it is 3am now cause I woke up and can't sleep :>)

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