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Vanilla PVP Tournament


Which Day - Hour  

21 members have voted

  1. 1. Which day should the tournament be?

    • Friday 12
    • Saturday 13
    • Sunday 14
    • Another Day (leave your suggestion)
  2. 2. Which part of they day the tournament should be? (Let consider we will be using England time zone (GMT+0))

    • Morning
    • Evening (After meal)
    • Night

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We, Network Staff, are organizing a pvp tournament. We´re specting players from all server, everyone one craftersland community is welcome to sign in. We´re specting 32 or even more players on ACV1 gamemode. We´re remodeling an old PVP arena where the tournament is gonna to take place.



How to participate

All you need to do it´s replaying your nickname.


We´re aware if you never have play here, you wont have a decent equipment to pvp. That wont be a problem. You will be given a pvp kit.


Here´s the rules you will need to follow if you´re participating.




  • You can not eat golden apples.
  • HackClient are not allowed (If you get caught you'll be banned)
  • You can not use any type of potion (Strenght, Fire Resistence, Speed, Instant healing)
  • You can not use Hiddenblade.
  • You can not use Smoke.
  • You can not /heal.
  • You can not /fly to escape.
  • You can not use bow.
  • You can only use your Diamond Sword (Sharpness V, Unbreaking III & Fire aspect II)
  • You can only use your Diamond armor  (Protection V & Unbreaking III)

If you ever break this rules you will be automatically desqualified.

If you are spectating you can not interfere on the combat


We have on mind to reward the fourth, third, secound & first place.

  1. A generous coupon code for craftersland's shop
  2. 10 Legendary Crates.
  3. 5 Vote Crates.
  4. A dyed leather set (The color you rather).


Please reach us on Discord for more information.

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Hey ZengZational, I don't think that remodeling the arena in acv1 worth it, the server is supposed to close as soon as possible, so the tournament should be in acv2 after remaking the arena. The problem is that there, there are only some players op, so they would have so much advantage that it wouldn't be interesting.  

What we can do, is to make like a little tournament as a test in acv1, and if they like it, we can set every week a tournament in acv2, for example. We can even make a podium of top 3 winners of the week/month like SG's xD. 

The arena in acv1 won't be the final version of it, it'll be just functional, I won't work on something that will be deleted in x days (or weeks (or months) (or years :'v)).


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Don't be sad :v I am making it functional for the tournament, don't worry about that, the tournament will be possible ts. Just don't expect a wonderful arena

(add a rule in which the one who goes to the arena being spectator will have a punishment. I mean, if they are fighting and a spectator goes to the battleground using bugs (a horse for example), he will be penalized).

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Current players: (16)


baqueTXD                               5



Fire_Ligth                               10





JuanEz                                   15





I'll be updating the list

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IGN: FreeFallFTW


Dunno if I'll be there cause of school and a **** ton of homework heh,but I'll try.


Also I suggest that you should change the 1st place reward because that basically forces you to buy something from the store.Instead I'd suggest you give a custom name tag and P+ maybe?

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I remind you that is London's time zone, if you are from South America and you vote evening, that means you want it in the morning.

I've proposed to set it at 21:00, what do you think? (Mexico/Peru: 3pm, Argentina: 5pm...)

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According the poll. The tournament it´s going to take place saturday 13. There were a tie on which part of the day will be. But I´m gonna take @MarceLOL idea. 

21:00 London´s time zone.

17:00 Chilean - Argentina´s time zone.

15:00 Peru - Colombia´s time zone.

22:00 Spain Time zone.


Either way I´ll on acv two hours before the tournament start. Also Making a post to remind you. I hope everyone could do it, and if you dont know which hour is the tournament in your   time zone, google it!


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