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  1. I Need Ur Help - Game Accelerator

    My suggestion is not to go to Windows 8 or 8.1, many people complain that it is too confusing and has some problems. I'd say stick with 10 or go to 7. But it's up to you.
  2. Premium

    No problem mate. Glad I could help.
  3. Premium

    play.craftersland.eu is a premium IP. To join as cracked, use the following IP: mc.craftersland.net
  4. This update seems very interesting, even though I expected real minecraft VR support.
  5. About Me

    Welcome, mate.
  6. Good job, this really is a step for the better in my opinion.
  7. Cs:go

    CS:GO is definitely an awesome game if you remove some of it's bad aspects(such as hackers, many people who insult you etc.) But juding by the gameplay, it's an awesome and actually strategical game rather than just be a run and shoot game. I have played it for around 180 hours, which means that I am still a newbie, but I can assure you so far that it's worth it, especially with only 10 euros. Also you can wait for a sale where it goes down to only 4-5 euros.
  8. We Are Being Shut Down By Mojang.

    Well, I fell for it. Big relief it's only a joke.
  9. Network Pure Survival Server Update To 1.9! Vote!

    Unlike other people, I think that 1.9 will make pure survival even better.Just my personal opinion.
  10. Help Please! Assassins V1

    I am not an expert but you should post this in the problems section of Network servers which is:http://forum.craftersland.net/forum/152-server-problems/
  11. Animation Vs Minecraft (Video)

    having watched the whole stickman series, this one was the cherry ontop of the cake. Perfect editing overall. Thank you for posting it.
  12. [Recruiting] Spaceengineers

    Faction / Team name: SpaceEngineers Server: Space Factions Members needed: Currently, 3+ members are needed. Requirements: Being able to be online 5+ hours a week(Activity will be monitored by certain members), honesty, atleast 1 day since joining Space Factions, loyalty to your faction(Ex. Stealing your faction's resources and then leaving the faction is forbidden and will be punished with death.), and decent fighting skills. Edited By Andrew2060: In-Faction grief is punishable by jail/ban.
  13. I am very glad you agree.We shall wait for further opinions and the final decision now.
  14. So, hello everybody. I play SpaceFactions and other network servers atleast 4 hours a day. So a suggestion came into my mind. What if there was a sub-forum/topic/or anything else in the forum, where people can recruit other people into their factions? I am not aware if this had already been suggested before or it was implemented in the forum a while back but got removed. If it had never been in the forum, I hope it is taken into consideration, because I love SpaceFactions and all the other network servers alot. Kind Regards, KzFreight12.