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[Suggestion] Spacefactions Recruitment Sub-Forum/topic/etc.


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So, hello everybody.

I play SpaceFactions and other network servers atleast 4 hours a day. So a suggestion came into my mind.

What if there was a sub-forum/topic/or anything else in the forum, where people can recruit other people into their factions?

I am not aware if this had already been suggested before or it was implemented in the forum a while back but got removed.

If it had never been in the forum, I hope it is taken into consideration, because I love SpaceFactions and all the other network servers alot.

Kind Regards,


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I agree with this. A subforum where faction leaders would recruit and make a full description of their factions, with other words, manage their faction not only in-game will be nice. This way more players will be able to select and join a preferred faction easier and more features can be added in the future, like..events.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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