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  1. Came to pay my respects. Random thought: Best thing about University? You can skip lectures. Worst thing about University? You can skip lectures. Also, you pay £9250 per year, at around £35 per lecture, and teachers don't even come to lectures when you do attend them. What kind of crap is that.
  2. Don't worry, mate, it was fun trying the same cmd a dozen times because of single simple mistakes Good luck in your futher endeavors!
  3. Well, I didn't say 'hacks'. I used the word 'advantages', i.e toggling your sprint. Note that it is a 2-days ban. Look at the others' bans; they are all 5 days. You have been lightly punished because use of any other client it's not really allowed. It is allowed only if it doesn't give you ANY advantage over the other players. The hitboxes maybe don't affect anyone, but you are granted continuous speed while others struggle to keep it up. It's a small punishment for a small advantage Be patient and don't use that again. Thanks for your understanding. Topic closed.
  4. It is. "also it will reduce from the sponsor price the amount you payed for premium." means the price will be = Sponsor - Premium.
  5. No one gets warned for reviving this topic. Abusing it will get you a warning, though.
  6. It's not a crime, it's a fault. He couldn't know you were just playing around, he saw him using hb in safe-zone, he banned him. Crystal clear. The ban was just, now wait for his answer
  7. Fantomele

    Network Ranks

    Nope "You will upgrade your Sponsor rank to Sponsor+ on all network servers! You need to be Sponsor already for this package! Perks: Forum VIP Rank (Note: for this you should register the forum account with the same name) VIP Tag Can change the signature Lobby Sponsor Rank Sponsor+ name color and prefix. [sponsor+] Reserved Slot. Sponsor nametag color. All VIP and Premium permissions. Access to Wither Boss, Enderdragon and Human pets. Access to fly on lobby. Unlock ALL Fancy Pets. All other Network Servers Perks Sponsor name color and prefix Access to all VIP, Permium and Premium+ permissions on all network servers."
  8. Rules are rules, this is why he got banned and it is a good ban. But wait for Cloud's reply.
  9. Fantomele

    I Quit !

    @you: Have the items disappeared from your inventory or enderchest? @staff: To the one who refunded him, have you used /ecp view on him while he was offline? Also, let's stay on this post. I'll close the other ones.
  10. For fucks sake, I had the money, but I didn't buy the game, though I liked it. What could possibly be wrong about it? Don't listen to those guy, man, just ignore them. Be a pirate, it saves you a shitload of money for nothing different
  11. What about doing the easy fix first while working on the awesome one? Gameplay won't stay broken that long. And amazing as always, you have my full respect!
  12. We thank you, mate, it's highly appreciated!
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