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  1. I think I donated a bunch of money to this server a while back too. Why am I being punished for questioning people. No matter what, I feel like I'm just expressing my free speech, and this is a bit extra to ban a returning donator for questioning a new admin.
  2. Hi, I said some things on #tekkitmain to mikewerf and I was banned instantly by him. I just questioned why he is an admin. And he responded by banning me permanently with no reason on discord. Has he been properly trained? I don't think it's right to ban without warning or anything like that. Whats up with that! discord id: shottysteve#3867
  3. I'm not trying to get you punished for things you haven't gotten punished for before, I'm just posting here since its relevant, and whoever is looking should know what kind of things you have done in the past. It all stacks up, you keep doing these things even AFTER you've been punished. Also, he's messaging me in DM's now.
  4. This is after he had been muted twice for spamming: This is from justinfire911: And last but not least... Actually one more:
  5. meh dont worry about it Rollback no longer needed. T/C
  6. Every time I try to join I get "End of Stream" or my game just crashes. I have tried to restart my game a couple times, re-install tekkit, and restart my PC, still got the error or sometimes it will crash. Last thing I was doing, I was in my base building a reactor. I went afk, and when I came back I could only hear my power armor's jetpack wooshing, but I had gotten an end of stream error. I restarted and then the same thing happened. Username is Kyrofox. I dont mind if you just delete my player.dat, I can get everything back. Whatever is fastest.
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