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  1. Account Name: Biopticwharf90Rank: SponsorRequested Commands^: /speed,/god, worldedit and can my timers/cooldowns be removed?Reason for Request*: /speed flying faster, /god safe afking, world edit for building my new base.
  2. I logged in today and noticed i'm still a helper just not a [Staff] helper. People tend to misunderstand this since i'm no longer part of staff. If this was it then i'd be fine with it. besides being a fake helper I still have my P+ rank I bought last year. My Premium+ rank seems to be somewhat working? I can access /fly and /gm 1 but can't access any kits besides starter and food kits. I'll attach some screenshots from in-game to clarify what I mean
  3. Great! Thanks for your reply^^
  4. So... It's been a while. I don't really know where to put this 'request' so I decided to put it here. About a year ago I was promoted to staff member on the tekkit server. I played alot back then and was actively online. Due to private reasons I couldn't play actively anymore and I forgot to 'retire' from staff rank.. So I wanted to login today and noticed i'm still a Helper in-game it's just that I don't have the staff key, hereby my request. Is it possible that I get 'unstaffed' and am just able to play as a member again? If it's not possible I completely understand since it's my own fault ? thanks for reading..
  5. My IGN is Biopticwharf90 and my town is called: 'Sunbarrow'. The town called: Pyongyang is located at: 2689, 105, -2364. The mayor is called: Pantrysnacks. The reason i want his town to be removed is because i am expanding my town but thanks to his town i can't go any further. As you can see in the screenshot, he has been offline for 2 months and 2 days. So i hope there won't be any problems
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