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  1. Hello, my name is Victor, I am a 21-year-old boy of Spanish nationality, born in Almeria. I've been playing this server practically since its inception, I even bought the sponsor rank when it cost 100 dollars. In the sent captures you can see a construction that I recently made in the survival mode, it consists of a village set in the Viking age, you can see a boat docking at its mooring, to disembark all the merchandise in the fishing cabin see also small mackerels, a mill for wheat, with its fertile fields, a mine, a tavern where to have a good time and a monument to the God of the village. The constructions are made with very basic materials, but always alternating to create the feeling of flimsy buildings, the path is set to show a feeling of remains of materials from the mine, where the Vikings have passed with the material. The construction is done block by block there is no use of WE. I would like to be a builder on the server because I am seeing the effort of the staff that is making to bring new content and I saw that there are people applying for builder and that encouraged me to introduce myself. I know what my banns history is but it has been more than 1500 days ago, more than 4 years ago, and it was always for sharing the account while I was not playing, after requesting the password restart I have not had a warn again . All the best. https://imgur.com/a/s15opWg
  2. Hola hace mas de un año que no entro al servidor, he entrado con le IP premium la cual desde nuca ha pedido /login, ahora me lo pide, hace muchos años que no entro al servidor con /login y no recuerdo la contraseña, me gustaría poder entrar, gracias.?
  3. Bruny i need a password reset pls D:

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