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  1. iHistory36

    [Rank VIP]

    Hello, who do I have to wait to get my rank in the forum? @AdriStrike @brunyman @Fire_Ligth @Terminator
  2. iHistory36

    [Rank VIP]

    Well here is the photo http://prntscr.com/fkw2tk @Fire_Ligth
  3. iHistory36

    [Rank VIP]

    Ehhh Sorry, but what kind of test do you want? A photo inside the server or something? @Fire_Ligth @AdriStrike @Zyko @KayWolves
  4. iHistory36

    [Rank VIP]

    Hello, I would like to have my VIP rank in the forum since I am Sponsor in the Network please I want to be placed ... I hope your answer @KayWolves @AdriStrike @Fire_Ligth @Zyko
  5. iHistory36

    [Give my Rank]

    I just want you to say so [S+][Emperador] @brunyman @Powerwarp
  6. iHistory36

    [Give my Rank]

    Brunyman did not want me to delete the prefix I just wanted you to accommodate the rank bug please if you can put my S + with Prefij... @brunyman @Powerwarp
  7. iHistory36

    [Give my Rank]

  8. iHistory36

    [Give my Rank]

    Disculpa Brunyman te falto el prefix [S+][Emperador] In orange and emperor in light purple
  9. iHistory36

    [Give my Rank]

  10. iHistory36

    [Give my Rank]

    Hello my name in the game is CriticLC_ buy me rank Sposnor + about 3 hours ago I want to report that my rank I do not have it in ACV1 please do something I am waiting for your answer @Powerwarp @brunyman
  11. iHistory36

    Membreship Vip forum

    I want to claim muy rank un the forum (Sporsor)

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