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  1. xTayxon

    [Rope Dart]

  2. xTayxon

    Creative mode abuse.

    First @Fire_Ligth_Light and I did not get to your house and we destroyed your protections Second, I went to your house to see that you do that whenever I get bored and I do not bother anyone to come to your house and I realized that your protection blocks were badly placed so they did not protect your house When I arrived and they were fish like always and I thought I left you afk and I realized that it was not protected and I called the staff Fire_Light and saw the error, and then you saw us and started to complain, And you are blocks of protection
  3. xTayxon

    Command Request

  4. xTayxon

    Minecraft 1.12 Update is Out! World of Color.

    I look forward to this update in puré survival
  5. xTayxon

    Command Request

  6. xTayxon

    Unban Request

    @Zyko can enter anything but ACv1
  7. xTayxon

    Unban Request

    @ZengZ If I understand, but in Acv1 I am banned and in ctw no
  8. xTayxon

    Unban Request

    In-Game Username: xTayxon Details of Situation: I was banned in ACV1 for something I did wrong in CTW and the staff @Zyko warned me about this, and I calme went to another modality of the server which is CVv1 and enter and then I was banned in this mode for no reason whatsoever Categoría Ban: Spam kill CTW Ban Duración: 1 Day Miembro del Personal: @AdriStrike @ZengZ capturas de pantalla: Here is not needed Su Motivo: I did not do anything wrong on Acv1 and I was banned inside there and in CTW I still can enter and play
  9. xTayxon

    Command Request

  10. xTayxon

    Lobby Rank

    Be patient and wait for @brunyman and @Powerwarp
  11. xTayxon

    Command Request

    Account name: xTayxon Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: //set ID //copy //paste //replace //undo Reason for Request: I would like to acquire the commands for a reason, I like to build when I get bored I almost always do it and these commands would help me to make them more efficient. Another reason, I will not have problems since I am a very calm person I do not do pvp, If possible I want the commands in Pure Survival @Powerwarp @Skilande_ @brunyman
  12. xTayxon

    [Armor Of Acv 1]

    Tengo una sugerencia para esto, deben dar 2 armaduras al patrocinador por persona @AdriStrike @Fire_Ligth
  13. xTayxon

    [Armor Of Acv 1]

    @Fire_Ligth I understand your point but this does not give us advantage to us the sponsors
  14. xTayxon

    [Armor Of Acv 1]

    Hi, I think that as the maximum donor of the server must give us the armor of the color that we wanted, also they are not giving super useful articles just to pose with the colors @Zyko

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