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  1. The bush itself is bugged when inside someones claim, if someone who isnt a part of it tries to right click the bush, they will get infinite amount of berries. Might be a thing with others things from Rustic as well. https://imgur.com/a/FAb2wED
  2. You have an option to get a rollback of your inventory if you want to, this will return some of your things that you cant remember the names of. Just post the time when your inventory was fine last time and the bruny will rollback to the latest save at that time. If you are not willing to wait then we can refund you what you wrote in your topic without a problem.
  3. Granted, but you will remain hungry and thirsty till you decide it. I wish the posts stopped getting darker.
  4. Well, let me point out that its in rules, I am staff meaning I need to follow them and go with what they tell me to do if someone broke one of those rules. Meme or not, joke or not, no matter what color, ethnicity or religion you are part of, not allowed. Everyone is equal. Oversensitive, not even close, nothing to do with me. Kinda ironic to say silly oversensitivity but you are the one who made a post to point out how "funny" it is and how you dont care about mute. In future these parts of forums are for serious topics and posts, if you you will joke like this then please, dont post anything. T/C.
  5. Granted, but you forget what you were gonna do every time you try to get up. I wish to become a graphics designer.
  6. Granted, but your debt in the future will be doubled. I wish to ski like a professional.
  7. Well here is something that I was scared of, being part of a car crash, but the thing is, it happened. Around few months ago I was driving with my friend around 10PM out of town to visit this flat patch of grass and some roads around near a mountain lookout. All fun and everything till a puppy came in front of my car, I steered right a bit and since the road was slippery and temperature was negative the car pulled too much to the right and it went out of control. I had two options: 1. fortified concrete pillar from the utility pole 2. a small apple tree. Guess what I took. The tree is laying down to this day, flat like a pancake. I landed in a small valley next to the road. The damage was... decent but nobody got hurt, not even the small puppy that I tried to avoid. The total damage: Fun fact: cold weather and oily asphalt are slippery.
  8. It was me who placed the chest, I believe that was his base since he was last time there for some reason so I placed it there, the chest will be removed and moved to proper place. Nobody touched any part of your things when we were there, literally, so either you or your friend lost it.
  9. @FireAndBlood_ can you please follow the template for refund requests:
  10. Player warned. In future please use the template for complaints about players, thank you. T/C.
  11. @brunyman there is a little OP problem at spawn, there is an item that needs to be removed as soon as possible because it is hard to make and takes decent amount of stuff. Awakened draconium: its pretty much draconium infused with dragon heart and 6 draconium cores in the wyvern infuser with 350,000,000 RF, its a really late game material.
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