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  1. djgaz180

    command request

    i remember that sponsors used to be able to request commands, could i request //wand, //regen and //replace? i want to build some stuff but would be much easier with //wand lmao also, i decided to come back to mess around whilst working the night shift, so.. hi i guess lmao also wasn't sure where to post this..
  2. i've noticed a few players come back, including myself. Might be a few months late but man i had some great times here.
  3. ayy lmao i'm back bitches

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. djgaz180


      bruh i was wondering who was still around lmao

    3. cmyk


      Lol I just came back this summer, I don’t know if ima be able to keep playing when I go back to college tho

    4. djgaz180


      got a new job, work nights for a homeless centre, thought i'd kill some time by coming back and fucking about on tekkit lmao

  4. I see djgaz i click

    1. djgaz180


      why tf are you not on tekkit nub

    2. cmyk


      if u on gimme 15 minutez i gotta redownload it

    3. djgaz180
  5. aye lad, username is djgaz180 idk how it works too well but the number is #0558 if you need that
  6. cheers dude! could you perhaps pm me my staff key? i can't remember my old one lol
  7. i'm waiting for my rank to come back then i can just //regen the entire area, //drain doesn't work with modded liquids unfortunately lol
  8. i'll send powerwarp a message so he can forward it to bruny.
  9. i swear, if if find out who is placing pyro next to spawn i'm going to ruin you, i've spent all morning trying to clean this shit up without admin commands, shit is not fun lmao, don't be a dick.
  10. if i'm honest i can't see anything wrong with what's happening, the rules are no excessive swearing, and that wasn't really excessive. calling someone a "guy friend" is not sexist, sexism is excessive mistreatment of someone because of their sex, such as saying all women belong in the kitchen for example (not that i see that as sexist as most people say it as a joke to trigger people) calling someone gay isn't really an insult if i'm honest, it's just a bit of banter. if you're that upset by dumblore, may i suggest blocking him ingame?
  11. that feel when you can have everything set on max... holy shit
  12. Bought a hp omen 15, £1000 later.. lmao it's just updating I'll be on soon, I wanted to come back if I'm honest, it's just the closest thing I had to a pc at home was an Xbox one, because that old heap of shit pc I had before died I just took a hammer to it, got my yearly bonus this month and treated myself to a decent computer. I missed everyone tbf ?
  13. There's nothing i'd love more lmao, may take me a while to get used to the commands again but I'm 100% down! Crathis bby ❤
  14. Nonetheless it's good to be back! May not be a GM anymore but I'll still have my sponsor
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