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Gaz is back from tomorrow


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It's been a while, didn't have a computer for a long time and just decided to buy a new pc, which is coming tomorrow, no one will probably remember who I am, but I'm gonna be back from tomorrow, great to be back after almost a year! 

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18 hours ago, brunyman said:

If you want back as staff just let me know :P

There's nothing i'd love more lmao, may take me a while to get used to the commands again but I'm 100% down!


7 hours ago, Crathis said:

I remember you...

Crathis bby ❤

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Bought a hp omen 15, £1000 later.. lmao it's just updating I'll be on soon, I wanted to come back if I'm honest, it's just the closest thing I had to a pc at home was an Xbox one, because that old heap of shit pc I had before died I just took a hammer to it, got my yearly bonus this month and treated myself to a decent computer. I missed everyone tbf ?

17 minutes ago, Powerwarp said:

Noo way did you come back!! Welcome back man! :P


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