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  1. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that's a hard no for wiping? *EDIT* Woah. Apparently my signature still thinks I'm staff
  2. Caps Lock: Cruise control to cool.
  3. Andrew: before I was staff with p+, whenever I would spawn in a disk, it would just give me a blank one. Like mystcraft pages did.
  4. My four year old nephew is mildly autistic (Just been diagnosed this month, not sure which type of autism), and he can play any instrument within minutes of picking it up, and has an incredible mind for, I don't want to say engineering, but building things. Give him a bucket of lego's and ask him to build you a boat, and an hour later he will come back with a model of the Titanic. It's absolutely incredible to see. Yes he has some... quirks? He's fine around people but prefers small groups. He has difficulty sometimes finding the correct words sometimes. I don't really consider his autism a disability, nor do I think he's superior to non-autistic people. But by god I'd rather hang around with him or anyone with autism than half the idiots I have to interact with on a daily basis. Anyone who discriminates based on physical or mental "disability" deserves a crowbar to the face, and I would be happy to deliver it. Free shipping.
  5. Bring on the CS 1.6. I started my FPS gaming on CS in 2002. Bring it.
  6. because they are creative items and not supposed to be there
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