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Sponsor Command Request


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I have a sponsor and judge in skyfactory and i would like to request a command

/enchant and

/effect if its possible

Also includes some WE commands

//wand > worldedit.wand

//paste > worldedit.clipboard.paste

//copy > worldedit.clipboard.copy

//pos1 > worldedit.selection.pos

//pos2 > worldedit.selection.pos

//ex > worldedit.extinguish

//set > worldedit.region.set

//replace > worldedit.region.replace

/thru > worldedit.navigation.thru.command

//hollow > worldedit.region.hollow

//drain > worldedit.drain

/jumpto  > worldedit.navigation.jumpto.command

/unstuck > worldedit.navigation.unstuck

//undo > worldedit.history.undo

//redo > worldedit.history.redo

//flip > worldedit.clipboard.flip

//rotate > worldedit.clipboard.rotate


If not all commands are granted i understand why


Also can my tag be fixed include forum rank? I wrote the problem in the admin section


IGN - itsz


Best regards,


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I just re-read the /effect permission node thingy it only works for player who has /op, anyways thanks bruny for the commands

T/C, permission granted.


PS to brunyman if he reads this: you can remove/revoke the minecraft.command.effect since its has no use

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