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  1. Your favorite music

  2. Nice, I will join right now to try this out.
  3. My suggestions for Craftersland.

    I would say a permanent ban would be the best option, hacking ruins player's experience and the fun of PvPing. Getting unbanned should be something difficult in hacking punishments, because, as you said rule breakers break rules again and again, so they don't understand that there are rules and that they have to follow them. Also, rules are not really clear, in some servers /rules says that hacking is a 7d ban and others 5d, etc, that makes staff members impart different lenght in punishments for the same offence. There should be a unified rules list in the forum and the /rules should be updated. Agree on most of what you said, nice post.
  4. rank transfer

    Yes, you can move your rank between servers as you like. Anyways, don't ask your rank to be transfered 4 times a week. With proof of ownership you can move it as you like.
  5. [Rollback Request]ImSpecial

    You must wait for brunyman to answer this, it may take a while.
  6. Your favorite music

    Good one
  7. Grave Didn't Spawn (Infinity Evolved)

    What server is this for?
  8. Premium Rank

    Close this topic, I'll transfer this rank to tekkit.
  9. Welcome to our base!

    That erebor replica is art, amazing.
  10. Tekkit server emergency!

    Hi, which is your in-game name?
  11. Your favorite music

  12. Premium Rank

    bump @brunyman
  13. Use english in forums, not spanish, since not everyone speaks it. You can post a topic in this forum section describing your situation. Usa ingles en los foros, no español, no todo el mundo lo habla. Podes postear aca un post describiendo tu situacion. If you know who made it you can report him there as Lynes said. Si sabes quien lo hizo lo podes reportar ahi, como dijo Lynes.
  14. Premium Rank

    bump @brunyman
  15. Premium Rank

    bump @brunyman