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  1. I won a creative jet pack from the mystic quest with infinite power. Everything has been working fine till yesterday (Mother's Day). Now the pack doesn't work and says Jetpack Fuel: depleted.
  2. Dropping seeds into water causes them to outright vanish. You can drop the certus seeds onto the ground and watch them sit there, if you have a magnet on, you pick them back up automatically from a distance. If you drop them into water to grow them, they completely vanish. Even an active magnet won't retrieve them once they go in the water. I've lost 8 stacks of seeds when i tried to grow them to pure certus (I don't need them back, I've got plenty of resources), but this could cause newbies with limited resources a problem. Haven't tried pure fluix crystals, but I would gu
  3. When trying to use the p2p connectors in the AE2 system, the memory card will not program. If you shift click on the first P2P ME link, instead of saying, "settings saved" it says "invalid machine, memory cleared". If you simply click on the P2P ME link, it just says "invalid machine". It looks like this is a glitch/bug that you wouldn't be able to fix with a simple config setting and possibly needs a patch (if and when one comes out). Just wondering if anyone else had or noticed this problem and was wanting verification that this is gonna take a patch to fix. T
  4. Ender IO farmers no longer harvest ender lily pearls properly. Sometimes the plant disappears; if you try to get it to plant ender lilies, the lily seeds vanish (like they are being planted, but they are not); and the final bug in this mess...I have a 15X15 ender lily farm...in one harvest using the farmer in the updated pack, I gathered around 1800 ender pearls and was still gathering them when i stopped the farmer (at best should have been 224). Someone may want to disable ender farmers till this is fixed. Thanks, Bad_Wolf_Bay
  5. Claim Leaders Name: DiceyBoiCoordinates of claim : X: -3053 Z: 1530 Days Offline: 198 days
  6. Claim Leaders Name: MeatyJoshCoordinates of claim : X: -2864 Z: 1661 Days Offline: 152 days
  7. DW20 1.12 All of a sudden you can't chisel flat colored blocks, cobblestone or stone (and granite). I'm not sure if there's more blocks, but these I tried the day of this posting and they wouldn't chisel. They would show as chiseled in the one probe description but with an error. You break them and they showed as chiseled in your inventory but when you place them they would be solid (unchiseled) still with the chiseled tag. If you spam chiseled them, your chisel would break, but you wouldn't be able to do anything (open chests, etc.) like you timed out but the client didn't not
  8. Not starting a new list, but i ran across this one too. Claim Leaders Name: MonkeyReaperCoordinates of claim : X: -3148 Y: 1434 Days Offline: 122 days
  9. No, I didn't take screen shots because of the multiple removals I'm about to request. I've seen on some plots mob farms...which activated when I loaded in the chunk, which causes lag (which, no matter if you're at ground level or at level 0, the chunk will load and cause lag). I used the /seen command to find the days offline. I know that if they login and dispute it in so many days then they get their claim back; but this is a lot of space that could go towards new players. Your Name: Bad_Wolf_Bay Claim Leaders Name: shiroyasha_1Coordinates of claim : X: 917 Y: -
  10. Any chance of a server wipe soon so we can get in on this from scratch? Yeah, I've got a lot I'll lose, but I don't care. I like starting fresh.
  11. RFTools wireless energy cells are bugged as well. I've got a few with -2 billion rf and a one with +400 billion rf. Xnet is bugged too. I logged in and it had lost all the machines it was hooked to (for rf and item transfer). Tried breaking it and replacing it, nothing. I had to break the individual machines to get it to see them again (breaking the connectors and replacing them did nothing). RFTools crafters often just don't craft. The thermal servos (via item ducts) every so often won't transfer items, no matter how long you wait (yes, I know about the default black list and havi
  12. I had died in the End. I was in a claimed area that has an Enderman Farm. My grave returned nothing and my deathnote showed no inventory (despite having a decent amount of stuffs). I don't know what would cause the deathnote to show nothing; I've made a return request that goes into some detail about what I had on me (if that's what could have caused it). Bad_Wolf_Bay
  13. Your Name: Bad_Wolf_Bay Item Name + Amount: Mending Moss 1 White Dank Null 1 Ender Pearls (I'm guessing at least 16) Enough lapis to have fortune 1 on a tinker tool Honestly, the mending moss and dank null are all I'm looking for to be returned. Those were a pain (and the moss was a chest reward but my death cost me about 186 levels, so I'm kinda short to make another moss a mending moss right now.) Everything else I can remake (tinker's tools, vanilla armor, vanilla diamond sword, iChisel, chisel & bit chisel (diamond)) <--not worried about this st
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