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  1. I love the Idea of a mall. You do /Warp Mall and it brings you to maybe another flat world, basically plots where players can build shops, sign shops or however managment decides to go on this. Or something like SSundees old prison series where a mall is made, and you can create a shop by claiming a section in a real mall and make player based shops besides /market, But the limitation would be what happens when room runs out in the mall, all claims taken? or can a plot world be modified and built(walkways, floor, ceiling etc) to look like your on a mall between different claims. Something where you can modify in configs the spacing between the plots and which block is what. Example here:
  2. True on the spawn part, Looks good. Keep up the work.
  3. Thanks @EPICfighters and good-luck to her rank, classic Bruny Mail at the bottom lmao. Topic can Be closed TC.
  4. In short, Bought Ms Karen VIP on DW 1.12 Didnt pay attention to the payment of PayPal, Said it would be an Echeck, and take a few days. Didn't want to wait a few days, so I bought her premium ontop of that with my card, Said she donated in game for her rank, And she never got her rank, perms or items for premium. Was the jist of it. Josh
  5. Yes I was charged for the premium, she doesn't have the rank or items in game for premium. The VIP was what I originally was getting, but it took a few days because of an Echeck. So I bought Premium instead and shown she donated in game, however she never received her items, rank or perms. I was the purchaser
  6. Proof: Receipt #: 5157-8674-4008-4053 Bought MsKaren a rank, shown up in game she donated, but never received the rank, or the items involved. Purchased by me. Josh
  7. Hopefully Someone gets to it! I heard you speak about this in chat!.
  8. Nice, Looking good. Would Love to see it for myself! Keep it up
  9. If you have registered, Try /login (password) with your password and see if that helps. Also what you're in game name?
  10. @bigboy Are you able to expand in details what the issue? How you came about the issue? What may the exact issue be with sorting with given blocks?
  11. Just mainly the issue I am pointing out here also @Cubone but he realizes it and maybe they can be looked at once again in his list of priorities
  12. @brunyman I did have a setup that was working fine till there seemed to be chunk loading issues with the server along with the glitchiness of the spawners and wouldn't spawn without a player nearby for some reason. A wither farm broke and a wither got through the farm destroying some spawners. We got plenty of other spawns to test with. or even in creative testing, the chaos spawners has extremely slow spawn rates and I think might be same as the other spawners, like wyvern being reduced. I have since not used draconic evo spawners and left the farm untouched after the patch. Acceptable rate I see: 0 is no spawning and 10 is the spawners before the patch. And seeing the spawners now I see a spawner with the current patch at around a 3 or 3.5 and what it should be at is either with testing bc of some lag situations resolved with Supers base or other testing, either 10 as normal spawners or like a 6-7 type of testing. where they will spawn a bit faster. or maybe adjusted, (obviously cant see the configs or messed with DE configs myself) to where they spawn a with a certain amount of entities around, so it spawns them after a first wave is spawned and gone. or a little delay.
  13. Granted, however, you cant find anything relatively close, everything is distant light. Not physical. I wish to fly instead of driving
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