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  1. akaElite

    FTB Continuum Modded Server is now OPEN!

  2. akaElite

    [Request] HeroChat channel

    im so stupid, legit forgot it was a thing you can close this
  3. akaElite

    [Request] HeroChat channel

    hit it with a FAT bump
  4. I would just like a herochat channel to use when I talk to my friends, staff can have the password, it's not to circumvent any socialspy, its just easier to use.
  5. It's called an NBT tag. When you have bags inside of bags you the tag is too long, and gives a bunch of errors. This usually results in your inventory being wiped, then rolled back. Bottom line is don't carry bags inside of bags, or carry all of your AE storage cells in your inventory, as @Lancelot said.
  6. akaElite

    Infinite sewage Ender Tank

    Maybe your reasoning here is a bit off, but I think there could be other benefits of having an infinite sewage tank. +1!
  7. akaElite

    Report for duping

    "Just market that over to me" "nah" I'm duping guys. Also if I recall correctly, I gave all my keys to @EPICfighters from when I was GM.
  8. akaElite

    Staff promotion

    no u
  9. akaElite

    Staff promotion

    lol how old r u
  10. akaElite

    Staff promotion

    this thread wont do anything, i just said if staff feel like he is doing a good job, he will get a promotion, begging for him to get one isn't going to do shit, boy.
  11. akaElite

    Staff promotion

    on the real, promotions usually happen every 2 months. if senior staff feel like he is doing an ok job, he will get a promotion
  12. akaElite

    Staff promotion

    how much u guys wanna bet this is the staff member on an alt account LMAO
  13. akaElite

    Network Servers are 1.13 Compatible!

    thats extra thick
  14. akaElite

    Permission Removal

    well i mean social spy and creative access are still on
  15. akaElite

    Permission Removal

    I'm playing with my friend and wan't my creative access removed, my socialspy turned off, and my /god turned off. Thanks.

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