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  1. akaElite

    Report for duping

    "Just market that over to me" "nah" I'm duping guys. Also if I recall correctly, I gave all my keys to @EPICfighters from when I was GM.
  2. akaElite

    Staff promotion

    no u
  3. akaElite

    Staff promotion

    lol how old r u
  4. akaElite

    Staff promotion

    this thread wont do anything, i just said if staff feel like he is doing a good job, he will get a promotion, begging for him to get one isn't going to do shit, boy.
  5. akaElite

    Staff promotion

    on the real, promotions usually happen every 2 months. if senior staff feel like he is doing an ok job, he will get a promotion
  6. akaElite

    Staff promotion

    how much u guys wanna bet this is the staff member on an alt account LMAO
  7. akaElite

    Network Servers are 1.13 Compatible!

    thats extra thick
  8. akaElite

    Permission Removal

    well i mean social spy and creative access are still on
  9. akaElite

    Permission Removal

    I'm playing with my friend and wan't my creative access removed, my socialspy turned off, and my /god turned off. Thanks.
  10. akaElite

    player packet

    Could you add some more detail please? I also tped you to spawn, let me know if that fixes it
  11. akaElite


    Is this supposed to be a password reset? @coco
  12. akaElite

    Cant Join, Always Crashes

    Download this: http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g28c207b9573700e3100008894490e4e5a6b72ce944 and replace your industrial foregoing mod with that. @VSerinety
  13. akaElite

    Inactive Claim deletions

    @brunyman He put the times next to the coords ex: April 02 - X: 916 Z:-298
  14. akaElite

    Inactive Claim deletions

    I mean if a base is inactive for 30 days, and someone wants it gone, we remove it Also I am just waiting to see if //regen will work before I do these.
  15. Topic Closed. Thanks @Velfest3!

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