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  1. [Claim Rollback Request]*Aaron2550*

    This was a topic about restoring an area, not a topic about bans. I feel that it doesn't need to remain open any longer. T/C
  2. Serwer Offline

    I assume the issue is solved then T/C
  3. [Suggestion] More HeroChat Channels

    Thank you bruny! T/C
  4. [Command Request] akaElite

    Thanks bruny T/C
  5. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted. But its made of legos I wish I could read peoples minds :0
  6. Your Name: akaEliteCoordinates: [x:512, y:54, z:39]Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 6:45 PM Eastern Time Description of Issue: Server crashed, and my inventory rolled back and I lost all of my ME DrivesScreenshots (Optional):
  7. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but you cant hear the music I wish I could teleport
  8. Login error

    Issue fixed T/C
  9. Account Name: akaEliteRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: /enchant, /thruReason for Request*: Well /enchant is to basically make cool weapons to use on mobs and for some testing on damage and such. Also /thru is to basically get around easier. I already have access to a form of it, so it would be nice to be able just to do /thru , not its lengthier counterpart Permission Nodes: /thru : nucleus.thru.base nucleus.thru.exempt.cooldown nucleus.thru.exempt.cost nucleus.thru.exempt.warmup /enchant : nucleus.enchant.base nucleus.enchant.exempt.cooldown nucleus.enchant.exempt.cost nucleus.enchant.exempt.warmup nucleus.enchant.unsafe If unsafe enchants are too much to request, I totally understand, I only want to so I can go to enchant level 10
  10. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but your Audi R8's transmission is non existent, so you can only drive backwards I wish I could turn invisible
  11. [Suggestion] More HeroChat Channels

    That would be great!
  12. I've been noticing an increasing number of people who are speaking different languages playing on Tekkit. So my suggestion, is to make different HeroChat channels for different languages. This would be very useful in letting people who are say, German, speak with fellow Germans in a HeroChat channel so they can converse without being interrupted by staff telling them that only English is allowed. I feel like this would be a good starters list for channels, if anyone has any more ideas, say them below German Russian Romanian French Spanish Italian
  13. Command Request XxZachxX

    Here you go brunyman. Its attached to my reply mansion-home-2-164.schematic
  14. [Command Request] Trixx305

    Permissions added. T/C

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