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    Hi Zodiacull, Which server did you have your donor rank on? Also it may help management locate your account if you include your payment confirmation from when you purchase the rank. Thanks
  2. Hi Tomas, Please can you type all future replies in english. From what I can translate, your base was griefed. Was your base claimed using the golden shovel? If your base was not claimed then the griefing is legal and we will not reverse the damage. To get your topic in the right place, could you respond back with which server you play on. Thanks
  3. Hi Funwitit, I have just checked ingame, there are no claims at the coords you provided. Also the players you have listed do not have claims on DW1.12. You also do not have any claims. Can you confirm that this is the correct server? Also, screenshots are helpful, you can upload them to imgur then post a link here
  4. Claims removed Please reply if there is anything else
  5. Hi Cedarpug, I just logged in and teleported to both coordinates you provided and was unable to find any claims by Konstadoulis. I also checked to see if i could find any claims or homes by yourself and I found none. Are you sure that this is the correct server? Thanks. EDIT: Moved to RAD
  6. i'm sorry to hear that it's still a problem. have you tried reinstalling the pack from fresh?
  7. If you've used the unstuck package on the forums, you will be sent back to spawn so if you where in a bugged chunk the unstuck package should resolve the problem. You can try to connect through the modded hub and then to Revelation, the IP: modded.craftersland.net . If you your issues still persist, please reply back and we'll have to do some investigating. Thanks
  8. Hello xMeRk. I apologise in the delay responding to your ticket. Unfortunately, as the reactor mechanics did not fault or bug out, nor did the server fault, I cannot refund you the entirety of your list. I will refund the Chaos Shards and Draconium. Please can you reply back with how many of each you lost. Thanks
  9. 3XJ

    Vote Keys

    Items refunded T/C
  10. Closing topic due to new topic created.
  11. Thank you. Just to let you know that it may take a few days for your request to be actioned.
  12. Please update this line to: 3:00am GMT+1 (17/05/2020)
  13. Hi, Please follow this template to complete a claim rollback topic.
  14. 3XJ

    [unban] jkl882

    You've been previously punished for griefing bases. Two factors lead to the conclusion that you had griefed a players base: -Your home "reee" was set at the players base and you were not trusted in the claim -The grief matches your previous griefing offense. I hope this clears things up for you.
  15. I did some testing, it does appear that the tooltip is incorrect. The solar should be outputting 8192 at the most but when i tested it, it was outputting 4096 and it still exploded. I think what Genghis is referring to is the adjustable SU transformer upgrade. When i fully loaded the adsu with upgrades it took the solar's power easily. Item refunded to your /home
  16. credit/debit card statement, paypal receipt. any sort of statement which shows you paid. of course scrub out all the important information
  17. Hi Zingo! Welcome back! Things have changed a little since you've been gone. To get your Sponsor+ role ingame, you'll have to fill out this template* and post in the Rank Transfer topic. And to reclaim your VIP in discord, you'll have to get your rank reactivated first, then you can follow the steps in this screenshot: https://prnt.sc/ruvvq1 Great to have you back
  18. The claim has been deleted and the blocks have been removed from that portal. I've sent you to spawn just incase you're still trapped. T/C
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