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  1. Wggun

    Your favorite music

    nah you guys dont have taste in music this is the stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81J8NSa4fmc
  2. I don't code. One of my great friends and I sell it on some market website
  3. Looks like you died but it didnt really kill you. Staff try /killing the user, if not then bruny will have to wipe the data of your player i think.
  4. Hello everyone, my name is Will or Wggun, ive played this server since SF1, and i really like craftersland. I have a few suggestions to make the server better. #1 Update to Sky Factory 3 : I've asked about it in discord and the staff say after DireWolf20 pack so hopefully you can get that done so we can see a craftersland SF3. And if you don't have any interest in doing that, Why not give the server a wipe. Its been over a year and the playerbase is 1-10. A wipe would encourage players to come on daily to try and gain the best island (level). I have played on craftersland since SF1 and i know how the playerbase can change. During SF1 it was a constant 30+ players considering the modpack just came out. During the next wipe it was very populated. I want to see the SF3 update, or a wipe. #2 Advertising : To higher the playerbase, a lot of servers advertise. I know a lot of streamers on twitch stream modded, so contact them to hire them to play on craftersland. Or if there arent any streamers find people on youtube. I am 100% sure you can find people who would do it. ( And if you cant find anyone manually I know Bruny is on mc-market a lot and can make a post there) #3 Emphasise an end goal : In sky factory you can basically do whatever you want, it would be nice to have an end goal. In infinity evolved it forces you to go through most mods to progress, unlike in sky factory where you can reach end game in a few days. After you've reached end game the server lacks in stuff to do (which is the main reason you can see me here, then not here.) I feel like this is one of the main reasons why people dont stay on. (thanks to Fatal for this idea) #4 Better community : The community for SF2 (players and staff) isnt very good. On other servers people have played them for years and still are playing now, on SF I dont remember anyone from SF1 back 3 years ago. I think the community should be looked after more. #5 The Economy : I think the economy is really messed up you can buy a full inventory of diamond blocks for like 10$.. It should be removed so new players dont get setup in 10minutes. Make a restirction of how much an item can be sold for, and how much they are selling Also add selling things in the shop #6 The chat filter : the chat filter is very buggy. one glitch is that you cant say an island... I realise the problem, but that really it has to be fixed Thank you for looking at my suggestions please DM me if you have any questions.
  5. I agree with most of the stuff you said. The anticheat they use currently is AAC which is from spigot. I believe this is a bad choice considering a free hacked client can get around it. Twnynics, also the server owner is the developer he is a very good one. If any owners can contact me I own an anticheat that no cheaters can cheat with, called shadow.
  6. Wggun


    I've used better pvp mod. It has unfair advantages.
  7. It's a mod pack it would be hard for all the player base to do that. And if they did they would loose some of it.
  8. If Powerwarp banned you it's for a good reason. So your probably not getting unbanned.
  9. LOL RAT OF SKY FACTORY LOOOOL I AM USING THE HORSE BECAUSE I AM NOT JAILED. I TPED TO YOU and I need to get out. I have had multiple complaints of you using it in spawn, also you used it on me in jail. Three times. Also I have the permission of Itscloud to ban you. He even saw you. And if you check your warnings you harass a lot of players etc. Also I moved to network.
  10. Maybe.... Its okay maybe. but yeah its probably good.
  11. Honestly, theres not going to be many players in it other than the crafters land community, because theres tons of those servers.
  12. Oh my god!! Can't wait for this awesome!!!
  13. I love the modpack, Thanks to bruny and RMT for making it happen.
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