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  1. Umm... good question... I was here about a year ago if it helps to understand which one... Sorry for the trouble EDIT: If I'm not wrong it was on the 1.7.10 server.
  2. yosefshaked

    Moving Rank

    Wasup people!! I had here a Sponsor rank and I would like to move it to SF3 please. @brunyman Came to visit a little Good to see you guys again! In-game Name: yosefshakedRank: SponsorCurrent Server: DW20New Server: SF3 Sorry for posting that here.. forgot about the Rank Transfer section, If a moderator could move my post please I will thanks him a lot
  3. I'm not sure what happened to your gravestone, If I was destroying it, the items would have moved to my inventory because I got magnet on, I couldn't see anyone's grave besides one that was online.
  4. I can try to jail and unjail you to see if it helps, if it helps, its something with your island, if it doesn't, it's something with your inventory and you'll need to have a Data Reset if I'm not wrong. Replay to that post if you agree that I'll jail and unjail you to check if it helps.
  5. @deadlox0123 Could you please provide the grave's cordinates? I wasn't able to find it.
  6. I'll take the items from your inventory and put them in a chest on your island.
  7. @brunyman will have to reset your player data, Please put all of your items in a chest before he resets it so you won't lose any item If you need help doing so (having issues getting into your inventory) please tell me and I'll help you.
  8. Grave was mined and the items were given to Netoo T/C
  9. Someone from the Network stuff please move the topic to the Sky Factory Section, thanks. @brunyman or @Powerwarp could you please look at that forum post before the nether resets? Thanks a lot!
  10. Please wait for @brunyman to come or wait for @Powerwarp to come. Glad to see you back!
  11. Please wait for the owner to come and why didn't you post that topic when you got griefed? @brunyman
  12. Hi, Please send in the topic a screenshot as a proof that you had those items, next time please make your topic on the Sky Factory section so us, the Sky Factory staff members will notice your issue http://forum.craftersland.net/forum/16-skyfactory/.
  13. Thanks! Happy New Year To Everyone In CRAFTERSLAND!
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