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  1. In recent times, I changed my Minecraft username. It used to be "EnchantMan" and now it is "kanekiuku." From this, I lost my Premium+ rank and my ToLate tag. There is proof linked below that shows that I own the rank. The first one is proof of Discord which is posted in #technical_support in the Discord. The second shows some tags that show premium and plus. The third image shows me posting on the forum in 2016 that I was having issues with the prefix which was resolved by bruny and at the bottom it shows the "Reply to this topic..." text that shows that the user that posted it above was indeed me. Thank you.
  2. I think this whole thing is stupid i think chunk shouldnt have been banned it is a stupid ban. I agree with DrCheeseTaco but i still think this whole thing still is stupid.... STUPID!!
  3. In my ToLate tag/prefix it is like this [ToLate] and i would like the [ ] to be gone they would look better without them. Thanks
  4. playing tekkit and anything on steam :) xD

  5. Tekkit Server's Server suxxxxx

  6. I recently bought premium+ for craftersland but it only says [P] and i would like [P+] and if it could be in purple that would be amazing
  7. Chunk_Reloader has a mystcraft world that i like to visit and get ores from but i cant tp to it can i be able to set one of my homes in his world and actually be able to teleport there.
  8. Can i have my /feed switched to /vanish command to not get annoyed all the time it would help me a lot! Thanks!
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