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  1. Your Name: madworld2009 Item Name + Amount: 1 ender quarry 1 ender chest 1 resonant solar panel 1 resonant energy cell 4 ender-marker and 1ender quarry world hole upgrade Coordinates: x-2879 z 2273 y 70(4) Description of Issue: reset minig world whit no warning and yes every ting was claime
  2. so now all i have to do it find a quarry unclaime and take it
  3. well just look my quarry was 1 block outside of my town so no it was not claime
  4. Your Name: madworld2009 Item Name + Amount: some one stole my quarry one resonant solar pane one resonant energy cell one ender chest one leadstone fluxduct Coordinates: x-2896 z2272 y70 on aroma world Description of Issue: 6;45 7;00am 24 fev
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