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  1. Account Name: WratzZ Rank: Network Sponsor Requested Commands: /speed AcV1 /hat AcV1 /skull AcV1 Reason for Request: Speed AcV1- To be able to reach cities quickly Hat Acv1 and Skull AcV1- I would only use them for fun Thank you for reading.
  2. Yes, sorry. I need it like this: &6 S &8 Eternal WratzZ
  3. Account name: WratzZ Server: Network Description of the situation: I need you to add the in the prefix https://imgur.com/a/rvlXoo5 Thank you for reading
  4. Ready thank you very much
  5. Although in that time the Premium of CTW cost more xD Thanks again
  6. Only that I buy the Sponsor In the part of Network Ranks. Do not buy an upgrape I spoke with a GM previously when buying the sponsor and he said he was fine, I told him what would happen with my previous rank and he told me that I could ask for a prefix. If I'm just asking, it's so that the money that you spend aside is not lost, can you explain?
  7. Account Name: WratzZ Rank: Sponsor Server: Network Description of the Situation: I will explain my situation, I hope you understand me. I used to have a premium CTW range that I bought some time ago. A few days ago I decided to buy the Sponsor range. So what I want is to ask for a prefix in substitution of the previous range (premium of CTW) Proof that he had the previous rank (CTW Premium): https://imgur.com/UCCYZNE Proof that I have the Sponsor rank (Network): https://imgur.com/YcPOXFQ Also, depending on what type of prefix would be creditor of either one or two colors, this is the one I would like to have: If it is one color: &6 &8 Eternal WratzZ If it is two colors: &6 &8 Eternal &5 WratzZ As shown in the screenshot: https://imgur.com/wRQ1uGh Thank you for reading ❤️
  8. I know this guy, go back to the server, fence I did not think I'd meet such a person, it's a robbery literally, just as the rank I buy, not him.
  9. I never gave authorization to transfer it, I have proof of payment, I will ask for the transfer then, thanks
  10. Nick: WratzZ Rank: Premium Server: Acv1 Thank you for reading
  11. [1] In-Game Username: WratzZ [2] Details of Situation: I'm banned for use the hiddennblade in spawn [3] Ban Category: "Bug abuse 4th offense" )[4] Ban Duration: 10 days [5] Staff Member: Fire_Ligth [6] ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/a/rjrXX [7] Your Reason: Bueno, para empezar, Mainblast me había prohibido durante 2 días, luego, cuando estaba haciendo otro informe, noté que subió a 10 y en la parte de Fire_Ligth, así que todo lo que quiero es disculparme primero y, en segundo lugar, quiero para pedir una reducción, en mi opinión, Ac no es la 4 ofensa, pero sería la primera
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