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    I am interested in demonology. I also like playing CS:GO and Dead space. can never beat the first one though XD scares the shit out of me.

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  1. flamingironbird

    Tekkit - CL Archive - 2013/2014.

    lol well i have been off cuz i fried my PC so its cool. I am back on now though and everything is working fine
  2. flamingironbird

    Tekkit - CL Archive - 2013/2014.

    I miss them days, Can we please just go on IE and build stuff together cuz i miss the days where we would blow ourselves up tyring to make a reactor XD
  3. flamingironbird

    Anime Fans

    Template : Anime you watched : Bleach Naruto Naruto shippuden d.gray man hellsing hellsing ultimate deathnote another shakugan no shana elfen lied fairy tail fairy tail 2014 sword art online sword art online II tokyo ghoul (both seasons) full metal alchemist drifters owari no seraph (both seasons) log horizon (both seasons) no game no life Deadman wonderland my neighbor totoro spirited away Anime you plan to watch : To many to list xD
  4. flamingironbird

    Youtuber rank

    @Powerwarp for your attention
  5. flamingironbird


    nibbler, if your english isn't good then use your language and we will use translate simple as that. you don't need spaces between each line. the Link is evidence for you to prove something yet you are unwilling to post it for us therefore you know it proves nothing.
  6. flamingironbird


    He never said you was a jerk for your grammar, you don't have to delete the town just don't give items out again. you will get in more trouble if you keep posting. so please just stop being unreasonable.
  7. flamingironbird

    Make a section dedicated to trades and...

    You don't post about Trade on Forums as we have the trade channel in-game for that and does not need a topic or section for it on forums. If you want to trade for items then please use the /ch t in game to use the trade channel.
  8. flamingironbird

    New spawn

    spawns usually only change upon a server wipe. do you think a server wipe would be a good idea to do at the same time?
  9. flamingironbird

    Youtuber rank

    don't worry about the mic bud, alot of youtubers say when you are starting out it doesn't matter about the kit you use, as long as you make content people want to watch then they shouldn't care about that and you can upgrade in time to make it better for them. just focus on the content you make
  10. flamingironbird

    Youtuber rank

    how many views does your videos get and how many subs?
  11. flamingironbird

    Just a question @brunyman

    yes it is true, i know you asked brunyman but i am sponsor and they have granted me access to the command so to answer your question yes sponsor and sponsor+ can request this command.
  12. flamingironbird

    Possible corrupted chunk in my town [Fixed]

    well we can always provide a part refund if possible
  13. flamingironbird

    Possible corrupted chunk in my town [Fixed]

    it doesn't sound like a corrupt chunk just sounds like an inv issue
  14. flamingironbird

    Possible corrupted chunk in my town [Fixed]

    the notebook probs exceeded the max string limit hence the string length error and the max length being 13352. u may have accidentally gone over that and now it just keeps error for you. it might be a case of you having to lose the notebook.
  15. flamingironbird

    Something like pure survival, but...

    It would cost too much for something like this and as far as picking goes anyone could sound good on forums but still be a "troll" in game. there is no way to properly prevent trolling in-game

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