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  1. I use build idea's from Planetminecraft and adapt them to my needs.
  2. Account Name: Almoace Rank: Sponsor+ on Revelations Server Requested Commands: /top //world edit /Give Reason for Request: /top - as it makes life easier //world edit - Not sure if I get this anyway, but incase I find a nice place to live & a want to cut a little hill out, makes life so much easier. /Give - Again, not sure if I get this anyway, so I can give myself items without having to go into /gm 1.( planning on a quarts block build )
  3. I posted this request in the wrong place so re posted in the correct place:- Here
  4. I can't be 100% sure what time it was, it was not long after I first went on the server, that's why I suggested a complete reset. But I believe it was about 9pm (UK Time) on Monday 15th April. Player hasn't been on in almost 3 months, no response back T/C
  5. Your Name: AlmoaceIsland Owner Name: AlmoaceCoordiantes: -257, 108, -747Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Not sureDescription of Issue: I reset my Tome of Knowledge by mistake, I did the quest to get a new one but still didn't work. I asked Dragonblood2015 for help & they gave me a new Tome book but still didnt help me, so I'm here to ask for a reset of me & my island please unless there is another way I can get the Tome unlocked. The picture is of my inventory on the table, I also tried to search for items but that didnt work either.Screenshots (Optional):
  6. I have seen this new Stoneblock mod pack & thought I would try it on a server. It's a quest mod pack and I played about an hour on a server and seems very stable. The pack doesn't start like skyblock, your spawned into a stone room and work from there like in skyblock with Sieve's and crucible's. I think the pack would be very popular and its a pack that is played over a long term. @brunyman Would be very grateful if you would consider it.
  7. I have found that Lead Ingot is not being sold at Spawn, please could it be added. Thanks, Almoace
  8. Thankyou very much. Hope you found out who did it & how they did it as they need a big slap with your Ban Hammer
  9. Account Name: Almoace Town name: / Character name: Town Name: Almo Coordinates: X: -722 Z: -1958 Y: 76 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 26 May 2018 Description of Issue: The town is claimed but has been griefed, most valuable items have been taken like the Big Reactor, Thaumcraft Alter & nodes I setup. IC2 items including Reactor and all of our Botania items / flowers. *Screenshots: (Not necessary but helpful.) Image Links: Town Area Thaumcraft Room, you can see pink grim on ceiling There was a Big Reactor here IC2 Room where there was a reactor & other machines.
  10. Almoace

    Server Wipe Due

    Today people have been talking about a server wipe expected soon, but after reading the post by brunyman in March (https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/26903-ftb-infinity-evolved-server-updates/) it seems not. Could we please get a confirm if there will be a wipe soon or not @brunyman I have been on the server a week and ready to place Thaumcraft nodes, but there is no point if there is going to be a server wipe. Thanks, Almoace.
  11. Chat Currently we have Global, Local and Trade chat. We have clans on the server and would like to be able to utilise the clan chat feature, a lot of people on the server have said the same thing. Lag A lot of people are loosing items when clear lag activates, I loose Thaumcraft jars a lot. Is it possible to add regular clear lag schedule with a warning? Thanks, Almoace
  12. Almoace

    Clan Commands

    Got stuck when I first started so looked for the clan commands which can be found HERE Hope it helps ?
  13. I would deffo say Applied Energistics Kit as its so handy and saves soo much time.
  14. Just tried to get online & I did, took awhile to get in game but it seems fine now Strange that happened, if it happens again I'll make a new post I guess.
  15. Thanks @Anonymousjojo confirms it is me. Don't know what I've done, in that chunk is only a Thaumcraft table & 3 lasers with Assem Table & my coke oven.
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