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  1. Almoace


    I have been having the same problem, tried all sorts of things for 2 days to get online. Did anyone solve the problem? @Ups
  2. My suggestion is please can you sell Ruby at spawn, they are needed to upgrade blocks and I have just spent 9 hours trying to find the ruby's to make some blocks and I am still 54 ruby's short of what I need! Thanks, Almoace.
  3. Account Name: AlmoaceRank: Sponser+ (Contiuum Server)Requested Commands^: To set time of day: essentials.time and essentials.time.set I believe it is /god: essentials.godReason for Request*: Timeset, Its a handy command and saves people asking us to use our beds, they can just as me & I can ask people if they don't mind & set time God, For the times I know I'm in trouble
  4. I put this post in the wrong place so moved it.
  5. I found a nice mod pack called: Bounds by ChosenArchitect which would be nice to see.
  6. I use build idea's from Planetminecraft and adapt them to my needs.
  7. Account Name: Almoace Rank: Sponsor+ on Revelations Server Requested Commands: /top //world edit /Give Reason for Request: /top - as it makes life easier //world edit - Not sure if I get this anyway, but incase I find a nice place to live & a want to cut a little hill out, makes life so much easier. /Give - Again, not sure if I get this anyway, so I can give myself items without having to go into /gm 1.( planning on a quarts block build )
  8. I posted this request in the wrong place so re posted in the correct place:- Here
  9. I can't be 100% sure what time it was, it was not long after I first went on the server, that's why I suggested a complete reset. But I believe it was about 9pm (UK Time) on Monday 15th April. Player hasn't been on in almost 3 months, no response back T/C
  10. Your Name: AlmoaceIsland Owner Name: AlmoaceCoordiantes: -257, 108, -747Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Not sureDescription of Issue: I reset my Tome of Knowledge by mistake, I did the quest to get a new one but still didn't work. I asked Dragonblood2015 for help & they gave me a new Tome book but still didnt help me, so I'm here to ask for a reset of me & my island please unless there is another way I can get the Tome unlocked. The picture is of my inventory on the table, I also tried to search for items but that didnt work either.Screenshots (Optional):
  11. I have seen this new Stoneblock mod pack & thought I would try it on a server. It's a quest mod pack and I played about an hour on a server and seems very stable. The pack doesn't start like skyblock, your spawned into a stone room and work from there like in skyblock with Sieve's and crucible's. I think the pack would be very popular and its a pack that is played over a long term. @brunyman Would be very grateful if you would consider it.
  12. I have found that Lead Ingot is not being sold at Spawn, please could it be added. Thanks, Almoace
  13. Thankyou very much. Hope you found out who did it & how they did it as they need a big slap with your Ban Hammer
  14. Account Name: Almoace Town name: / Character name: Town Name: Almo Coordinates: X: -722 Z: -1958 Y: 76 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 26 May 2018 Description of Issue: The town is claimed but has been griefed, most valuable items have been taken like the Big Reactor, Thaumcraft Alter & nodes I setup. IC2 items including Reactor and all of our Botania items / flowers. *Screenshots: (Not necessary but helpful.) Image Links: Town Area Thaumcraft Room, you can see pink grim on ceiling There was a Big Reactor here IC2 Room
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