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  1. off course not talking about Luna (moon) already visited that place.
  2. Nope still same issue cant see any planets.
  3. Maybe turning off B:planetsMustBeDiscovered=false on both server side and client side can help reaching further just a suggestion. https://github.com/FTBTeam/FTB-Continuum/issues/304 I did some research and found AR is broken in many way.
  4. Few things are still broken with rocketry cant find single planet wasted almost 3K data to research also tried with artifacts just i was able to find litherite i have planet id chip but i cant use till i went to Etech Conglomerate solar system. Just found this error message in logs file https://pastebin.com/uNw2xbRZ
  5. After waiting for 14 hours i am able to login for 10 mins and again same issue started "fatal error has occurred" last thing i did click on bubble slot to see there is ME wireless terminal it was there but i died when i joined server it shouldnt be there i guess its my inv bug which causing me time out.
  6. Ok i will give a try in while just closed launcher. Edited: same error
  7. Now a sudden i cant join continuum server getting "Network Disconnect: A fatal error has occurred, this connection is terminated" or "disconnected" error message just teleport ed from one base to another and game freezed and kicked me out since i cant join server. Username : Thakurz Time : around 2 from now.
  8. While i was in dimension world my game freezed got white screen i have closed game and launcher restart both from that time i am stuck on Logging in screen i tried join DW20 server its working fine. Tried all other possible ways like repairing game, using different launcher but non worked. IGN : Thakurz Time: Like 12 hours i started facing this issue. Cant get cord. as game crashed.
  9. Thanks Epic for fix everything working fine now just rollback is quite old like 4 days back..
  10. Issue is still there i cant join server now it was fine till yesterday but today i am even getting kicked by entering my claim. pls remove machines that causing issue and put in chest.
  11. Your Name: ThakurzCoordinates: x: -2290 z: 3860Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): 12/11/2018 10:31 AM (GMT)Description of Issue: I am getting kicked out by server for below error i can either tp to spawn or any other sethome but as soon as i enter my claim i game freezes and i get badly compressed packet error, after server restart few hours back i could join server.Screenshots (Optional): As far i understand there is bad chunk in our claim as soon as we enter claim we get dropped.
  12. Your Name: ThakurzItem Name + Amount: Raw DNA (Binnie's Genestics) Around 9700Mb (around 10 buckets) Coordinates (format x, y, z): X: -2453, Z: 3921Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: Description of Issue: drum disappeared after server restart was going to move drum to efab system.Screenshots (Optional):
  13. Well i am not sure about Revelation and DW20 1.12 i never faced such over on those 2 server just on continuum. Other than Steve's carts and Tech Reborn there is no other chunk loader solution. Xnet is issue still there after every restart GUI get broken as well actually additions relays get reset need to use wrench again.
  14. yes it happens on each restart as far i found and redoing xnet configuration again is really pain.
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