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  1. Zyko

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but that part of the world doesnt have any water. I wish a new phone
  2. Zyko

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but it will only happen when the humanity is out of beers. I wish I had a infinite bottle of beer
  3. Zyko

    Assasin Camping

    Wrong section, no proof. Please, next time make a complaint in the right area using the report format. https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/150-complaints/ T/C
  4. Zyko

    Goodbye Crafter's

  5. Zyko

    [Unban] (Pinecoeu)

  6. Zyko

    Ban to Jail

  7. Zyko


    Most of em were already punished by Fire_Ligth, i dealt with the rest of em. T/C!
  8. Zyko


  9. Zyko


    @KayWolves Warned. I agree with you. T/C!
  10. Zyko

    Assassins Craft problem

    Is it on Acv1 or in the Ac test server?
  11. Zyko

    smoke in spawn

    Done. t/c
  12. Zyko

    Landprotection fail

    You can make another topic if that happens again. T/C!
  13. Zyko

    [ACv1] Spawn Camping #5

    Punished! T/C!
  14. Zyko

    [ACv1] HB - Zone non PvP #6

    Not enough proof. Can't see his name. T/C!

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