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  1. Hello, the title almost says it all. A few rewards are quite useless and it would be cool to change them. For example, in the mystic crate you can get in-game 2500$, which is not even enough to buy 2 ultra ball. The in-game 5000$ is enough to buy 3 ultra ball only. The money rewards should be increased to fit with the rarity of the box and the in-game prices of the items. Another example in the mystic crate is the orb. It is a common drop everyone can get and, to me, it doesn't belong to a mystic crate.
  2. Your Name: BloodSkalsItem Name + ID + Amount: Reshiram from the Pokemon CrateBase coordinates: //Description of Issue: I used my key and it rolled up to Reshiram but I didn't get it, not on my team, nor the pc or the inventory.Screenshots (Optional):
  3. Hello there ! Are you a newbie trying to explore some dungeons/structures but you're tired of seeing them already explored and all those loots you could've get ? Or maybe a veteran but you didn't know this trick ? Do you think a WIPE is the only solution ? Well here I have your solution ! Simply put, all you need is a hunting dimension portal which create an alternative overworld dimension filled with unexplored dungeons/structures. It also had a lot of dragons' nests. So, how to craft the portal ? First step : Get yourself some wood (32) Second step : Craft some arrows (4) Third step : Craft some hunting dimension frame (16) Fourth step : Assemble the portal, just like a nether portal , and light it (Almost any weapon works to light it) Fifth step : Sneak on the portal and enjoy the exploration !
  4. Hello, I don't think this is necessary anymore since the wipe is happening half a year later, though could the limit get raised a bit ? Thank you
  5. Thank you for the the servers, it's still cool to play on and once bored from a modpack, there are plenty of other modpacks to explore in this community. One good resolution for 2020 would be more involvement from some staff in getting closer to their community as some aren't at all (or very little), including you, no offense, and more transparency about what you guys do. Players or staff, we're all people and gamers, some friendly relationship is never too much. Happy New Year !
  6. Your Name: BloodSkalsItem Name + Amount: 4x Void Ore Miner tier 6 Coordinates (format x, y, z): -1700, 80, 4330Description of Issue: My void ores miners have been removed by admins supposedly because it creates lag. Facts are that I haven't been online since 12 days and they were still there so it can't be it.Screenshots (Optional):
  7. I can but I won't. Same for the turrets, I won't disable them. It's not fair play but not forbidden. Rule 5 is applying in case of Player VS Player and I was offline when it happened, also the turrets gives a WARNING that you enter a protected area and shouldn't go further. Istoricu didn't take in account any of those warning as he died after passing the first turret and died from the second. You can verify that with the position of his grave and the turrets disposition. He died on his own after going too far, he had the choice to leave but he didn't. Did I say those turrets are legit ? No, so don't act as I deny it. I won't take time to argue about this, donators do not have any more rights than non-donators.
  8. Do not get mad at me, people tend to forget this is still a PVP server and you came inside my claim which is my base so you shouldn't act surprised though. The result would have been the same if I killed you myself. Also, keep in mind bases that aren't loaded can't create lag and as I didn't play for two days I'm not responsible of any lag or crash issue. Thanks for understanding.
  9. Hello, turrets are made to defend the base against intruders as it is a PVP server, sorry for your loss but I can't help you.
  10. The votes are rigged, there is a player who sends pm to people from other servers to vote for this one. His Discord name is : adi2062#8403
  11. It's a PVP server, whatever isn't claimed can be griefed and items can be taken away, sorry for you but admins won't refund you for that kind of issue. Btw legit refunds aren't made 1 hour after you post your post, it can take days.
  12. Hello, Post your topic here : https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/248-dw-112-technical-support/ And follow this template if you lost items : https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/25969-template-refund-request/ Or this one if the blocs were on your claim : https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/25968-template-claim-rollback-request/ Also keep in mind that Refined Storage is quite buggy, use AE2 instead !
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