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  1. Thanks both of you @BionicalGaming @eytixis ! I still have the tagged items, I don't know if they are in my inventory though. I'll dm you on Discord when I'll be online if that works for you .
  2. Account Name: BloodSkals Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands^: /god, /weather, /time set, world edit, /speed Reason for Request*: * God because why not, building peacefully without getting annoyed by mobs * Weather for stopping rain * Time set for skipping bloodmoons & general purpose (I know we need to ask the other players first) * World edit because I like to build you know me * Speed for... speed Thank you !
  3. I don't know if I should laugh or cry about that argument
  4. This is a known bug and you have to pay to reach the last level of the monk mod...
  5. Thanks for the multipliers, we're not leaving empty-handed at least ! However about blacklisting the entities of MineColonies I don't think it will affect the server, the limit is 50 NPCs spread over 100 000 blocks (Max colony size by default is 20x20 chunks, which is equel to 400 chunks so 102 400 blocks), even counting 500 constant entities for 10 players (unlikely to happen) it's only a drop in the ocean compared to the mob farms which are concentrated on a single chunk, but that's my personal opinion. Also I'd like you to keep in mind that the colony is not loaded if no player is clo
  6. In-Game Nickname: (One complaining about) Salt9264 Your name: (Optional) BloodSkals Time and date: 12-10-20, 00:40 UTC+2 Description of what happened: I was wandering around when Salt9264 asked about something, then I answered him, after what he used the /invsee command to spy on my inventory, telling me I had a nice shuriken. Hating this kind of attitude, I told him to stop using that command on me because that's intrusive and I don't like that. He firstly didn't get the point of my sentence, then I kept telling him to keep his hands in his pockets. Undertakerin joined the
  7. I forgot to add children growth rate. It's been more than 10 hours and not a single children grew up. I currently have too much children... lol.
  8. Hello, as you know MineColonies has some bugs or problems that are often related to the server hardware or Sponge. It'd be great if you could fix them please, it's very easy to do, you only need to modify the minecolonies.cfg file. First issue : When you are 16 blocks away of your colony the NPCs stop working as they stutter or totally freeze, it's a known Sponge issue and here they propose a fix : https://github.com/ldtteam/minecolonies/issues/721 Second issue : As the server is very laggy the NPCs are building and breaking blocks at a very slow pace, which cou
  9. There is a difference between using a svastika into an explanation and purposely showing off a svastika and a Hitler skin bragging about it being harmless, I don't think you get it either.
  10. Rules asides, are you seriously saying that the svastika you have on your skin and the skin itself representing Hitler don't represent racism or nothing harmful ? For real ? Let me give you a quick insight : This is the svastika on a Buddha. In Buddhism the svastika symbolize the auspicious footprints of the Buddha. This is Hitler's svastika. It's absolutely not the same and it's turned differently. Another quick insight of what this represent : - 3 million jewish people killed in death camps - 200 000 disabled killed - 3 million soldiers killed in prisonn
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