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[Suggestion] MineColonies fixes


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Hello, as you know MineColonies has some bugs or problems that are often related to the server hardware or Sponge. It'd be great if you could fix them please, it's very easy to do, you only need to modify the minecolonies.cfg file.

First issue :

When you are 16 blocks away of your colony the NPCs stop working as they stutter or totally freeze, it's a known Sponge issue and here they propose a fix :



Second issue :

As the server is very laggy the NPCs are building and breaking blocks at a very slow pace, which could be enhanced by lowering the values of these lines :



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4 hours ago, D34DPlayer said:

I won't be blacklisting NPCs into that sponge config, as having more active entities won't be nice for the tps, but to balance that I've increased the multipliers you mentionned so that it wouldn't be as tedious.

Thanks for the multipliers, we're not leaving empty-handed at least ! However about blacklisting the entities of MineColonies I don't think it will affect the server, the limit is 50 NPCs spread over 100 000  blocks (Max colony size by default is 20x20 chunks, which is equel to 400 chunks so 102 400 blocks), even counting 500 constant entities for 10 players (unlikely to happen) it's only a drop in the ocean compared to the mob farms which are concentrated on a single chunk, but that's my personal opinion.

Also I'd like you to keep in mind that the colony is not loaded if no player is close, what I proposed as a first fix is only to make the NPCs work as long as a player is in range but more than 16 blocks away, since this is a bug that is not and will not be fixed by the devs (abandonned version). Fixing the bug is exactly what I proposed...

The whole colony doesn't work at the same time, but at least more than 1/50 can work with that fix.

But again, thanks though for what you've granted, it'll surely help a lot for building.

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