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  1. Accessing locked islands and killing players in protected areas bypasses claim protection. You'll be only allowed to create portals to islands you are trusted in, if you don't follow the instructions rule 2 will be applied. If it happens again make a new complaint here and it'll be taken care of.
  2. Items placed in the player's inventory. T/C
  3. Items refund in the player's inventory. T/C
  4. I think you're talking about yesterday's issue, we had a problem with our host and some servers were down for a few hours. It's back to normal again but some stuff may have been lost bcs of that. If it is the case make a refund request here following the right template, and in English
  5. Your island protection is 256x256 ao it shouldn't go above that area, to check if a block is protected just right click it with a stick.
  6. For creative items we ask a proof of ownership, if you don't have it you'll need to make an inventory rollback request instead following this template:
  7. Moved to the appropriate server.
  8. Items refund at your island's spawn, you should put your cows in stall s and only have the ones you are breeding in the overworld, otherwise they will de-spawn as they did there. Further refunds concerning fluid cows may be denied since you have been warned about the problem. T/C
  9. I suppose that you are a cracked player so changing the name also changes the uuid and the belongings to the old name stay with that name. A manager will have to transfer the stuff from one account to the other one manually but for that we will need the old name and a proof that it does belong to you (by sending a message with that name saying that you have changed it for example)
  10. The anti-cheat plugin that apparently got updated along the MC 1.15.2 update detects a Phase/NoClip when you enter a 1 height hole (with a trapdoor or piston) like shown here: After walking for a bit this message will pop up: This didn't use to happen before the update on MC 1.15.1
  11. Couldn't find any player called "Pixiedust", check if the name isn't misspelled. Anyway the airship is in my inv, eady to be refund once I get at least some coords to place it.
  12. Please follow this template :
  13. A bit more info would be uselful, was the rune reader on that unclaimed row or inside the protected area? If it was protected we can refund it and the culprit can be punished under rule 8. However if that isn't the case the griefer didn't break any rule and you'll be responsible of what happened since you didn't protect your area correctly.
  14. Ticking block removed. T/C
  15. What server do you want that being reset on? For Sf4 resetting advancements crashes the server so that wouldn't be possible, anyway you don't receive any rewards from them, they are just a guide of what to do and you can still read them if they are completed.
  16. Creative keys, refund the money instead. T/C
  17. Edit the most to follow this template: I'd recommend you to move from your Refined Storage System since it's bugged on sponge servers and the problem you had can happen again, if it happens again the rollback may be refused.
  18. The cave owner has to send the invites, not receive them. The command is /cave invite (person you want to join your cave)
  19. Cows refund in a chest at your base, keep the ones that you aren't breeding in stalls next time. If it ever happens again with that amount of cows the refund will be refused. T/C
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