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  1. That used to be a problem on Continuum, try using them in the Wilderness and if it works it's a conflict with the claim flags that shouldn't be too hard to fix.
  2. Since you don't know what you lost you should use this template instead: Don't forget to add a date when all the items where there and the coords of your island.
  3. Your Name: D34DPlayer Server Name (ACv1, PureSurvival, etc.): Pure Inventory Rollback or Claim Rollback: Inventory Coordiantes: 4832, 11, 2863 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 12/09 before 19:30 Description of Issue: I was building some bridges on the void in the end and a lagspike destroyed it and I felt into my death. Screenshots (Optional): If you prefer to make a refund I can provide you a list with the tools since the other stuff won't be hard to recover, I have no screenshot with them tho ^^'
  4. I placed the content of your grave inside a chest on top of your compact machine, msg me if there's something missing that would need to be refunded. T/C
  5. Keys are in your inv, be careful next time the keys are slightly more valuable than normal tripwire hooks (Msg me on discord if you need anything else) T/C
  6. Moved to SF, you'll need to add some proof for your ban to be investigated.
  7. Overview + Guidelines: Unfortunately if you are reading this post, it's probably due to you being banned. Follow the directions that are provided to you in this post for a successful appeal. Copy & paste this model into your appeal and fill out its contents before posting. Make sure that all fields are properly filled and try not to leave any of them blank. Instructions to Follow: [unban Model Below] Topic Title Should Be: [unban] [username here] [Copy Paste All Below and use it in your Unban Appeal Topic] [1] In-Game Username: -(Answer in this line)- [2] Details of Situation: -(Answer in this line)- [3] Ban Category: -(Answer in this line)- [4] Ban Duration: -(Answer in this line)- [5] Staff Member: -(Answer in this line)- [6] ScreenShots: -(Answer in this line)- [7] Your Reason: -(Answer in this line)- Good Luck, ~Community Managers. ~Stoneblock 2 Staff
  8. That bug is caused by a bug between the filling cabinets and the storage buses you have next to them. To get back all your items you'll have to make a claim rollback request using this template: It'll take some time to be done so if there's anything you need quicker make a list and I'll refund them manually.
  9. The issue was taken care of, thanks for the report ^^ T/C
  10. If rollbacks take time it's because only the server manager can make them. However an inventory clear can be made by any Mod+, if you want it just ask staff and it will be done asap. It won't be as fast as a package but it will be safer 😛
  11. As you can see your house is protected now. Since it was a huge area I had to do it in small sections so I may have missed a few blocks so please check everything and make a refund request. Also while moving I lost the magical crops you had there ^^', please reply with a list of them so that I can refund it. PS: Tell your friend that his house looks amazing
  12. Well claims on skyblock servers can't be moved since they spawn in a specific grid and moving it could override another claim. However I could use world edit to move your house to the protected are, it would be better if you moved all modded containers by hand to another place since moving them with world edit can cause chunk corruption. Replay here once it's done and I'll move the house.
  13. Since it's a creative item that you most likely got from a mystic crate I will need a proof that you had it. If you don't have it you'll have to make an inventory rollback request following this template:
  14. So you had around 60 pigs quite close to each other, it's probably that it was lagging the server, their disappearance may be unrelated to this fact tho. I refunded all the pigs next to your pig farm but if this happens again there's a chance the refund will be refused. T/C
  15. I deleted all the invisible blocks I managed to find, message me if I forgot anything. T/C
  16. I deleted that block and I sent you to spawn, try to get back to your island and tell me if it crashes you again. If it does it check the crash report again and if the coords are still the same the chunk is probably corrupt. In that case you'll need a rollback Let's hope it won't be needed tho 😛
  17. This post is quite old so a rollback may not be possible, anyway since you allowed that player to build in your island via the /is invite command you are responsible of his behavior. You could have simple done /is kick (name) to remove his building perms. The player won't be punished for this action and you should be more careful next time when adding someone to your base, that gives them the permission not only to break and grief your base but also steal your items.
  18. Even if it's a restriction set by the modpack any method used to get around that is considered a bug/exploit and will be punished accordingly.
  19. So I'm going to explain it as clearly as possible to avoid any this being discussed again, first of all ProjectE is disabled by the modpack for any world without prestige enabled, that's the case for this server. Well let's talk about the supposed "crafting" you are talking about, if you try to craft any ProjectE item the normal way (a crafting table, a crafting station, a crafting terminal ...) the item won't appear and if you try to look for the recipe on JEI it won't appear either. That's the way prestige and gamestages restrict the usage of that mod. (Also items disabled by JEI as it's the case here are restricted on its own) Now let's assume you managed to get this item by other ways, (I would suggest you not revealing any of those methods or it'll go against Rule 19) when you'll have it in your hand the item will disappear, so you wouldn't be able to place the transmutation table that you had at your base. I have a screenshot of the method used to bypass that but I won't share it here. Let's now talk about the possibility of getting those items from creative, I already dealt with a similar case here: And as I said the prestige restriction still appears on the gm1 menu: So in conclusion the crafting and placing of ProjectE blocks, and using gm1 to get those items all count as bug abuses and so the Rule 2 ban will stay.
  20. I placed the item in your inventory, message me if you need anything else. T/C
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