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[Command Request] Always_Ein


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  • No record of any kind of command abuse
  • A donor rank of  Sponsor  or  Sponsor+
  • A relatively clean ban record

Account Name: Always_Ein
Rank: S+
Requested Commands^: perhaps instant teleport instead of a timer, no timer on /feed, /speed, and maybe the ability to /heal on a shorter period of time?
Reason for Request*: instant teleport just for convenience, no timer on /feed because it takes 3 minutes for it to recharge, /speed so I can get around faster like magical cow, and shorter /heal period Incase I start suffocating in space or something(and I don’t use creative here because I don’t want my items creative tagged) 

^ = (Add the node of the commands if you know it so they are easier to add. E.g nucleus.feed.base) 
* = (Add the reasons for each command you are requesting)

Abuse of permitted commands will result in you having your requested commands revoked with complete denial of granting any future command requests. 

Reason for Request:
(Add the reasons for each command you are requesting.)


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