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  1. *I dunno how to format this request for assistance so ima just toss it all in here* Username: MercilessKiiier Server: Infinity Evolved Rank: Sponsor Issue: Not all but almost every single person who has messaged me on the server has there own little channel in my window now and it's been like this for awhile but now i'm tired of struggling to scroll and see whats happening in chat so here is a photo and if anyone who sees this can help me out please do. I have googled and image searched it but can't find anything about it. https://postimg.cc/fkk8T9nL
  2. In-game Name: MercilessKiiier Rank: Sponsor Server: Infinity evolved NOTE* My rank as well as all commands associated with it work fine however I'm missing my town claim blocks and have been capped at 20 and am now unable to claim my full town/ desired building area. (I need my town claim blocks amount fixed please)
  3. Your Name: MercilesskiiierTown Name: MerciCoordinates: x: 120, y: 70, z: -136Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 19:50 EST 5/16/2020Description of Issue: items missing from chestScreenshots (Optional):
  4. No problem welcome back! Also If you remember the email you used to purchase it you should be able to find it by searching craftersland or thank you or something along those lines in the search bar of your email inbox however you'll have to wait for a staff member to comment on what is needed for "proof"
  5. Hey Gurkegamma use these two templates to format your requests the first for the world edit command and the second for the money/reactivation of the rank. *You should separate the posts so make a new ticket for either of your Command request or Rank reactivation/money req.* If you wish for any extra commands for in-game usage, please copy paste this template and fill in the information when making your Command Request topic.For your topic name, use [Command Request]*YourName* Requirements: No record of any kind of command abuse A donor rank of Sponsor or Sponsor+ A r
  6. Account Name: MercilessKiiierRank: Sponsor Requested Commands^: /Hat /Time /EnchantReason for Request*: /Hat so I can wear blocks as heads and /Time so I can make it day when im building outside and it's night /Enchant is just for fun
  7. Name: MercilessKiIIerCoordinates: x: -1320 y: 49(3) z: -4063Time/Date : 2020/03/19 23:00:00 ESTDescription of Issue: I had a tool bound to my hand and went to unbind the tool and for whatever reason thought it was /clear and I executed the command only to empty my inventory and then remember it was /none to unbind the tool but yeah... so I lost my inventory ? Screenshots:
  8. Your Name: MercilessKiIIerTown Name: teplosi Coordinates of Town: x: -1175, z: -4060, y: 78 (4)Town members: kozojeboReason for request: The town has nearby set to false and it is too close for me to expand my townScreenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  9. Boxer001 *Click the Edit tab on your post so you don't make another post/reply* Copy and paste the one I put below and finish filling it in and give your post a title like "Inventory Rollback Req" Your Name: boxer001Coordinates: Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 9.03.2020 <INSERT TIME AND TIMEZONE>Description of Issue: Screenshots (Optional):
  10. Your Name: MercilessKiiierCoordinates: Unknown assuming SpawnTime/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Mar. 9 2020, 10:30 PM ESTDescription of Issue: Had some lads over let them play some minecraft for awhile and they somehow managed to crash my game and I can't join back now due to some item they picked up so a inventory rollback to the time above should have it all squared away. ThanksScreenshots (Optional):
  11. Account Name: MercilessKiIIerRank: SponsorRequested Commands: /skull commandReason for Request*: so i can spawn playerheads for personal and aesthetic use inside claimed town
  12. Account Name: MercilessKiIIerRank: SponsorRequested Commands: Full world edit perms Reason for Request*: Just editing large areas of terrain and walls on my claimed land for the world edit command.
  13. Name: MercilessKiiier Server: Infinity Evolved Rank Purchased: Sponsor (Upgraded from Premium) Issue Description: I bought the Sponsor rank last night around 11:00pm EST and it notified in the game and gave me the perks of sponsor but my tag is still the [P]FancyTag MercilessKiIIer and I just want it updated to the Sponsor tag if able to.
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