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  1. Account Name: MercilessKiIIerRank: SponsorRequested Commands: Full world edit perms Reason for Request*: Just editing large areas of terrain and walls on my claimed land for the world edit command.
  2. Name: MercilessKiiier Server: Infinity Evolved Rank Purchased: Sponsor (Upgraded from Premium) Issue Description: I bought the Sponsor rank last night around 11:00pm EST and it notified in the game and gave me the perks of sponsor but my tag is still the [P]FancyTag MercilessKiIIer and I just want it updated to the Sponsor tag if able to.
  3. Your Name: MercilessKiiierTown Name: EASYCoordinates: x -423 z -2652Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 12:50am / EST / 14.02.20Description of Issue: While moving my contents from my drawers into my ME system I got a popup in the background causing my mouse and minecraft to glitch I closed the popup and when I went to click back into the game it smacked my drawers with my Staff Of Power causing them all to break only chunk needed to be rolledback is at the coordinates listed above. Screenshots (Optional):
  4. Your Name: MercilessKiiier Item Name + ID + Amount: Nether Star Blocks ID: 2195 Amount: 113 Signalum Blocks ID: 1225:10 Amount: 67 Signalum Ingots ID: 5141:74 Amount: 130 Dense Emerald Ore ID: 2704:4 Amount: 13 64K Storage Cells ID: 4353 Amount: 8 Material Coal Block Dimlet ID: 7004:38 Amount: 1 Material Gold Block Dimlet ID: 7004:31 Amount: 1 Unknown Dimlet ID: 7003 Amount: 470 Vibrant Alloy Ingots ID: 5749:2 Amount: 113 16K Crafting Storage ID: 455:2 Amount: 400 Crafting Co-Processing Units ID: 454:1 Amount: 400 Cryo Stabilized Flux-Ducts ID: 2533:6 Amount: 350 Resonant Machine Frames ID: 2678:3 Amount: 70 BC Silicon Lasers ID: 1279 Amount: 170 Blank Patterns ID: 4362:52 Amount: 30 Pure Mana Blocks ID: 1794 Amount: 50 Dimension Builder ID: 2347 Amount: 1 Dimension Researcher ID: 2344 Amount: 1 Dimension Enscriber ID: 2346 Amount: 1 Dimension Editor ID: 2349 Amount: 1 Dimension Scrambler ID: 2345 Amount: 1 Dimension Workbench ID: 2384 Amount: 1 Vote Crate Keys ID: UNKNOWN Amount: 180 Legendary Crate Keys ID: UNKNOWN Amount: 20 Tessaracts ID: 2675 Amount: 2 Ender Quarry ID: 1828 Amount: 3 Speed III Upgrade ID: 1829:8 Amount: 1 Pump I Upgrade ID: 1829:9 Amount: 1 Coordinates: X: -430 Z: -2657 Y: 50 (3) Description Of Issue: This goes with the draconic refund I made earlier about the server reset I discovered they didn't dissapear from my ME system but instead the whole drive did after the reset as well as the 64k Storage cells filled with items in the drive with the mentioned above items which are the main ones i wish to get back and my reason for not requesting a rollback for the chunk is becuase this happened at least 6-8 hours ago and I would rather get some of the items back (the listed above items) then get them all back and re-do all this work any refunded items would be much appreciated.
  5. Your Name: MercilessKiiier Item Name + ID + Amount: Awakened Draconium Block ID:1656 Amount:29 Awakened Core ID:5639 Amount: 8 Draconic Core ID: Amount: 192 (3 Stacks) Wyvern Core ID: Amount: 32 Coordinates: X: -429 Z: -2655 Y: 50 (3) Description Of Issue: In the afternoon I had just finished making a nice supply of Draconic items for various purposes selling, crafting and spawner upgrades I tossed them into my ME as i decided to work on my base and remodel it shortly after the server got a rollback of just a minutes or two and I thought nothing of it until just now when I went to go grab the said items and they were gone and the materials I used to make them also gone so I can only assume the restart somehow ate the items or my ME system did. (Im not putting draconic items in my ME anymore this is the second time its ate them)
  6. Your Name: MercilessKiiier Item Name + ID + Amount: Draconic Staff Of Power #5618 with enchants looting III, Reaper V, Effieincy X, Silk Touch I and 2 awakend cores one under the mining area slot and 1 under damage Coordinates: x -440, z -2656, y 63 (4) Description of Issue: I used a vibrant capacitor bank from Enderio to quickly charge it only to remeber after i put it in that enderio was bugged and it ate my staff of power
  7. Alright good to know. thank you!
  8. Your Name: MercilessKiiierTown Name: ArcanaCoordinates of Town: x: 2611, z: 2489, y: 71 (4)Town members: TimurReason for request: It has an eldritch obleisk on it which me and a few others were gonna use for the portal but cant since its claimedScreenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): Unable to upload but last seen 2 months ago
  9. Your Name: MercilessKiiier Item Name + ID + Amount: Reinforced Watering Can 5816:3 Lost 1 Coordinates: X: -372 Z: -254 Y: 69 (4) Description Of Issue: After opening about 200 crates common and legendary and 1 mystic crate it rolled to the reinforced watering can went to my hotbar and when i left the chest menu it was gone so i left the game and joined back and still wasn't there if possible to refund the reinforced watering can that would be perfect however I cant prove I won it so if unable to refund it a new Mystic key will do. Thanks!
  10. Your Name: MercilessKiiier Item Name + ID + Amount: Dragon Heart | 5644 | 9 Coordinates : x -428 z -2655 y 50 (3) Description of Issue : Not sure I had them in a chest and when i transferred my items into my ME system the other day and I went to grab them just now and they seem to have dissipated into thin air from my ME
  11. Name: Mercilesskiiier Server: Infinity Evolved Expert Item ID # and amount: ME Controller 441 amount 2 Coords: x: -429 z: -2654 y: 50 (3) While deconstructing my ME system i broke my Controllers but only 1 of my 3 active controllers dropped and the other 2 must have despawned or vanished as i did not pick them up with the 1 that did drop for the said reason if able to have the items refunded i would be grateful thanks!
  12. My bad guess I was so tired i typed DST sorry about that haha.. Anyways that would be EST my good man
  13. Your Name: MercilessKiiierTown Name: SmalPPCoordinates of Town: x: -371, z: -2443, y: 72 (4)Town members: VangayOoiReason for request: It has nearby set to off so my friend cant expand his base backwards and is forced to expand towards me blocking my baseScreenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  14. At 11:00:39 PM DST I was in spawn when a auction went up for plutonium I didn't know what it was only that I would need it later for my wyvern gear, upon winning the bid i tried to trash it as it began killing me in spawn and upon dying to it i lost my gear and loot as when i went to collect the grave which was at spawn it only had my ring, amulet and belt and all my other items, tools and armor were deleted so if you could roll my inventory back to about 10:55:00 PM DST so i wont have the plutoniom but will have my stuff I would appreciate that Server: Infinity Evolved Expert IGN MercilessKiiier
  15. I bought a quantum solar panel for 1950 from poopytrees at 4:23:04 pm DST and failed to recieve the item after purchase and my amount said above was deducted from my balance so i would like a refund of the quantum solar panel on ftb infinity expert mode server please IGN MercilessKiiier
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