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  1. "Sorry you cannot have access to Blood Magic Spells" feared so ... ty very much and have a nice weekend gurkegamma
  2. ty i probably wont be online until friday ... or maybe even longer ... hope to read you then ... best Regards gurkegamma *Duplicate Topic* T/C
  3. Account Name: gurkegamma Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: WorldEdit Reason for Request: I like to build some bigger structures ("Pyramid" and "Golden Globe" - last wipe) and at some point OpPGold told me i could request it here. Since it would become really handy for those - here i am. I have not been here in a while but ive been playing from time to time over the last 5 years and i think quite a good number of people as well as staff might recognise me. Thank you in advance and best regards gurkegamma PS: is it somehow possible to get access to "Blood Magic Spells" ?
  4. ty there ... didnt knew things like that exist ... pretty new to the forum since i forgot my password in the early days how do i prove i own this rank ... since i bought it years ago i dont have any bill whatever ... the only thing i can provide is my tag or some people who still might know me
  5. Hey, i bought sponsor a couple years ago and now im curious if i could get those 20k money after the wipe again - would be handy to claim those 240 chunks. Also OpPGold told me (about 2-3 months ago) i could get access to WorldEdit? - really would appreciate it. This is on DW1.7.10. Best Regards and thank you in advance gurkegamma
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