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  1. Thanks for clearing this up. So far I've been positively impressed by the level of service from the craftersland staff. Altough this situation could have been avoided, I can see where the assumptions have lead to and we will be more carefull with inviting members. I'm glad this issue is solved.
  2. Ye I kinda demand a rollback aswell. Is this the way you treat dedicated players? Is there any proof? because I havent even seen the guy online and he certainly didnt build/added anything to our base! This is just crazy to punish a whole team who put in so many hours just for something vague like this! We all worked hard and together to achieve what we have. You could also see what items were made by who probaby, so a little bit of checking around would have shown that everything was legit. I mean Like Waldhein said: he has been online for 4 hours? And when was that? At least not in the first couple of weeks, so he could not even have helped with items earlier in the progress chain either. Now you punish 5 other legit hard working people, some of wich play here already for mutlipe whipes. Does that seem any fair to you? Please dont just robot-repeat-quote the ban rule... this is just plain butchery; using an axe when you need a scalpel... Also my genebank (Binnies mod) resetted and I made a post about that, i just realize thats probably due to the rolback aswell... you think he spawned in any bees in the lower progress chain ?
  3. Wow CowGoesBananas, went really bananas now didnt you? He must be the most incompetent piece of staff around here, this is crazy. Did he realize how many hours we put in there? Nothing we had was spawned in so there is no way he can even remotely try to prove that! And he rolled back our whole machine room rightwaway? Without discussing or asking? I mean I was surpised aswell by the speed of progress we made working as a full team in discord instead of seperate bases and helping eachother; its crazy... but for him to say we cheat beacuse we have much stuff is just plain mad. Wow this really ticks me off man, wth! We have a 5 man team that worked very hard, especially the first 2 weeks. We had 4 quarries running, dimension builder for recources, enough power to keep mass fabricator running with multiple replicator setups for solar panels, irridium and more. In what way did you ever think we did NOT have the industry/logistics or whatever to create what we have? Is this an envy based decision? The points you give are vague and nonvalid towards our base. For instance: all members of our team got already this much money at the server start due to rank reinstallment! Ever realized or checked that? Every machine, item, gear, armor or whatever has been crafted, traded/bought within the legit game rules. You really went to far! - when I wrote this I assumed CowGoesBananas requested for the rollback aswell. Though the complaint stands: he wasnt allowed to kick Waldhein by any means. And the reasons given are to vague to be proper, he just initiated a kick. -
  4. Hey guys, Ive been playing around with Binnie's mod last couple of weeks, just for fun purposes. But it became less fun though when I saw my genebank reset to 0
  5. Yes that is exactly what I ment, maybe I phrased it a bit weird. That would be very friendly. Thanks in advance.
  6. I donated up to P+ today (from P), I as not aware that there was a discount; it didn't show the message yet at the server selection screen, nor at the top right in the craftersland store. Would it be possible to get the 30% discount refunded to spend at the craftersland store?
  7. I would like a reactivation of my rank plz Also, I donated up to P+ today and it isn't showing the + (yet)
  8. Thanks for help. I have already replaced the tools myself, 1 needed to be upgraded anyway. Thanks for the offer though.
  9. Hah, ye good to know... I learn more everyday :). Thx for help.
  10. Your Name: TzadOItem Name + Amount: 1 watering can, 1 hardened jetpackCoordinates: X:-4652 Z:-4060 Y:91Description of Issue: It must have not been my lucky day, 2 accidents in a row. I teleported home (as usual) after I had an issue with my enderquarry in the mining world (see other post) and instantly died. My grave was there but without my knapsack wich I used as toolbag. I will remake most items myself, they're not that important: saw, chisel, bucket etc. The hammer and excavator with all the modifiers I doubt you guys can create that, so I'll remake those myself again too. I don't understand why this happened, I reset my home for now, hope it doesnt happen again. Screenshots (Optional):
  11. Your Name: TzadOItem Name + Amount: Enderquarry Coordinates: Miningworld X:-4671 z:-4048 y:70Description of Issue: Normally I run my quarry unprotected, but this time I thought I'd try that town claim 'trick' with the perm flags set enter false and modify true. I used the 'show borders' cmd and my whole setup turned blue and wouldn't turn back after 'borders hide' cmd. I did a tp home (from wich I died) and back and the enderquarry wasnt there anymore... Screenshots (Optional): edit; co├Ârdinate
  12. Your Name: TzadOItem Name + Amount: Ender quarry 1x, ender quarry world hole upgrade 1x, enderchest 1x, tesseract 1x, endermarker 4xCoordinates: -4661, -4041 in the mining worldDescription of Issue: I stopped trying to go there because of the 'fatal error' disconnect issue. I wasn't aware that the mining world would be reset, I lost abovementioned items.Screenshots (Optional): -
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