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[Town Removal] *Ingenieur_13*


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Your Name: Fang Langford
Town Name: formerly: Doomstadt (I deleted it because I'm asking for raiding and sacking.)
Coordinates: Town: -272, -32 × -113, 111 



And if it isn't too much trouble, could you also erase the path from -261, 12 to -237, -32?



Time/Timezone/Date: I'm not sure when I started, but back to empty / blank would be great! Mebbe around a year ago?
Description of Issue: I'm moving and I want to start over COMPLETELY FROM SCRATCH! (And capture a time-lapse stream of it.)

And I think it would be nice to leave a pristine, virgin wilderness for the next player(s). (Please restore the villagers for them too.)

I don't want any of my inventory, whether in my chests or storage drawers or anywhere, absolutely nothing.

Further, if anyone wants any of my stuff, feel invited to sack, raid, or grief my base before my rollback.

Your Servant, Fang Langford

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