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  1. Your Name: Velfest3Island Owner Name: Velfest3Coordiantes: 1804, 64, 1797Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 26/01/2019 22:30 gtm+1Description of Issue: Someone griefed my base, my dirt and my transmutation table with 800k and all my things.Screenshots (Optional):  Not more required, someone (dragonblood2015) give a transumatation table. The girefer stole my money from wallet like 20-25$... is curious, has the exact amaunt of emc, seems to have all the recipes (such as the diamond shears and the energized bimetal gear) but nevermind....
  2. ty, but i'm not stuck or bugged. The bug happen after some minutes when i go in mining dimension. I can rejoin the server and play, but about 2-3 minutes the same error kick me out. I redownloaded the pack, no resourcepack/shader (from twitch app) Cord where i have portal (and builder for quarring resources) x: -488 y: 78 (4) z: -1518
  3. Hi, when i go afk in mining dimension i got disconnected from the server with this message.
  4. Your Name: Velfest3Item Name + Amount: 2 full alvearyCoordinates x: -3206 y: 64 z: -2835Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: n/aDescription of Issue: My claim rollback request, i lost my old base, i restart with a friend, but if possible i want back my 2 alveary (for restarting bees, i got rf bees and resilient but nevermind) Screenshots (Optional): https://ibb.co/TqyyQMq https://ibb.co/7jhkyps https://ibb.co/dkM9n7b https://ibb.co/bK2Rc1B https://ibb.co/TqqN09r https://ibb.co/kxbK5M1
  5. Your Name: Velfest3Coordiantes: x: -3206 y: 64 z: -2835Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year): I can't remeber when i stop to play, i think like 15-20 october 2018Description of Issue: When i relog, today my base gone. No claim, no structure, every thing is gone... and i don't want restart....Screenshots (Optional): In order for our and your convenience, please copy paste this template and fill in the information when making your rollback request topic.
  6. If the server have lag issues (or bad tps) maybe the wipe can solve. Otherwise i can't see the sense.
  7. Hi, I found Bee Kit in legendary crate, but maybe it's wrong: the kit give 24 Alveary + 16 Slabs You need 27 Alveary + 9 Slabs to make one I want start bees and maybe the alveary can help me, but i can make the multiblock structure....
  8. You can't. If the cause is that, only an admin can fix it.
  9. https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/invalid-move-packet-received.231469/
  10. I don't think. My frist machine. I claimed a little island in the ocean biome.... Update: now when i try to enter i got some damage, wtiher 2, nausea and insta kickout Maybe corrupted id?
  11. Hi I made a "maximum compact machine" ( 13x13x13 inside) but when i enter i can't move cuz "barrier" restrict me. I searched on forums but I did not find anything about it, neither among the posts of other users nor among the list of restricted items
  12. Fixed, ty I lost something lika angel ring but nvm
  13. Your Name: Velfest3Coordinates (format x, y, z): In a rftool dimension Description of Issue: I make a simple dimension (flat + village) to collect some bees, i make a draconic chest to store bees and a moving wand to trasport the chest, when i put down the chest with inside 20-30 bees i crashed and now i can't join, instacrash with this messageScreenshots (Optional):
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