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  1. can i get my tessaracts back again? the problem seems to be my resonant battery bank i'll take it apart. might have something to do with the fact that each cell puts rf to the cell below and to the right.
  2. Is it possible for me to get back my 22 tesseracts?
  3. So i lose a tessaract? not that i matters much, i have enough resources, just asking.
  4. Just got banned and noted to make a post on the forum.
  5. Whenever i login to the server, the server seems to crash? I'm pretty sure this isn't just for me, since the server comes back up in about 2 minutes but the players numbers are lower, so i doubt it's just for me. If this is wrong and it's just for me, then this post should probably be moved to technical support. If this has anything to do with my base. X: 3229 Z: 150 Best regards.
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