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  1. Your Name: dogidogi13Item Name + ID + Amount: Satchel (Reinforced) 4454/12 1 Drill 6632/3 1 Drill Speed Augment I 6638 1 Drill Speed Augment II 6639 1 Drill Mining Augment I 6644 1 Aluminium Ingot 5922/10001 152 Hardened Jetpack (Armored) 4917/15 1 Coordinates: -2287, 78, 4457Description of Issue: An enderman killed me and no grave appeared. So I need some of my items back again sorry to bother you so much about this. Screenshots (Optional):
  2. Your Name: dogidogi13Item Name + ID + Amount: Hardened Jetpack (Armored) 4917/15 1 Simulation Chamber 6145 1Coordinates: -2279, 78, -4463Description of Issue: I was at the server crafting something, then had to leave afk. When I returned server was restarted and I logged in to a death screen. When I respawn I had none of my items nor the gravestone anywhere. We talked with the Kiyanox and forwarded here.Screenshots (Optional): Edit: I only need Hardened Jetpack (Armored) and Simulation Chamber but if you can inventory roll (my old inventory if it is possible) that would be appricated. Thank you
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