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  1. Account Name: - Evocative Dog Rank: - Sponsor+ Requested Commands: - WorldEdit - Playtime Reason for Request: - WorldEdit: Because I am garbage at building and want to make it easier to remove/place certain walls, roofs, etc. I fully understand the capabilities of WorldEdit and will use it sparingly especially on a modded server. - Playtime: (Check time, not set. lol) Here and there I like to gift a player a rank, but I want to ensure that they have been on the server for a set amount of time before doing so. It prevents me from asking each player how long they've been on the server and I can also get a definite time placement.
  2. Name: - Josef IGN: - EvocativeDog Age: - 21 Crafter's Land Servers you play: - DW20 1.12.2 Location: - Germany (temporarily) A short description of yourself: - I've been playing Minecraft since 2011 and have never grown tired of it. Some may say that playing Minecraft is for children, but I love every aspect of the game. I stopped playing for about 2 years because I decided to join the military. Now that I have some downtime and have settled in, I'm looking forward to being a part of this community once more and hope to see you all in-game! Hobbies and interests: - Gaming (obviously) - Traveling - Partying - Programming (still learning lol) Discord / Skype Name: - EvocativeDog#7227
  3. I love the new spawn! I enjoy dark/comfortable areas with design and such. I've been making a pub/tavern just to mess around in with brews and such, and it turned out sorta decent. Maybe you should do a large/roomy spawn with a town looking architecture. Some players enjoy seeing a cozy looking spawn because it makes them feel at home. http://imgur.com/VdqMyWY
  4. EvocativeDog

    Quagma's Art Post

    This made me cry of how beautifully the octopus tentacles mix with the T-Rex head. 10/10
  5. I didn't know where to post this topic, but had to post it somewhere. How do I ask Bruny for commands regarding the sponsor rank? Also, what kind of commands can we request?
  6. Alrighty, thanks for the reply!
  7. I bought the sponsor rank and when I tried using number codes on it, it said they must be alphanumeric. Other vip players have to ability to use color codes, but I am not. I was wondering if the owner or coder could check out if sponsors have those perms. Oh, and how do I get the website rank?
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