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  1. my stuff dissapear lol

    refunded /close the thread
  2. my stuff dissapear lol

    so i broke coal coke gen and chests are empty same with furnaces
  3. my stuff dissapear lol

    i have immersive eng thing to make coal coke
  4. my stuff dissapear lol

    all my stuff from nearby inventories just gone lol admin help
  5. Drag Dimlet

    nvm it works with time //close
  6. Drag Dimlet

    platform sooo ive made huge platform and theres no enderdragon still
  7. Drag Dimlet

    But hey, i've made huge orb world with random block and dragon dim in it and in sp dragons spawned. On craftersland srv they didnt
  8. Drag Dimlet

    Ty for an advice ill try it and info you back if it worked
  9. Drag Dimlet

    Okay so far i've made a dragon dimlet and i created world with this dimlet in. and ive been flying for about 10 mins in void and i didnt saw any dragon flying around brunyplsfix
  10. Timed out

    fixed for me //close the thread
  11. Timed out

    Soooo after server restart i am always getting "timed out" error idk why video ------>