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  1. Your Name: blueblasterzCoordinates: x 8798 / y 0 / z 5623Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 6/12/18 2:40:00 AM (UTC +1)Description of Issue: all the content of my tombstone felt in the void ( except toats, zivicio sword, axe and leggings) EDIT : I made this request late in the night, and yet I realize that I didn't loose that much things, so please ignore this request (I can't find how to remove it, sorry)
  2. In my case, my system was : energy acceptor, security terminal, crafting and regular access terminal, storage cell and wireless access point. My problem is that my energy acceptor disappeared 2 times when I was logging in. Someone (I can't remember if it was Lance or someone else) told me that this was caused by the security terminal, which sometime makes blocks dissappear if they are near chunck borders. Now I've moved all my system, and made me controller instead of energy acceptor. I will let you know if it works properly now
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