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  1. Thank you for the info Ill try something different from now on and if it happens again atleast I know the problem now and the solution for the fix.
  2. Now they've turned into bedrock and I don't see how it would be doing this if I only have 6 out of the like 15 I originally started with running. Other players have like billions. I need someone to come take care of this bed rock please and reimbursement for the 3000 dollars i've now wasted on buying these from the market. From now on ill just run heavy aluminum wiring around my base. Sorry for being an ass on discord.
  3. I know my title is not the greatest and that I've posted a similar topic in another thread, but jesus christ man. This is the second night this keeps happening to me. Im just going along building my base and the server crashes. I come back to log in after its back up, only then to fall through the map and the server crashes again before I have the chance to just die and respawn. Last night I tried everything from jumping (by smashing my space bar before connecting), to trying to use /fly and just fly out of it, or even trying to hold down one of the movement keys before connecting. This is ridiculous and to make matters even better when I logged in this morning I was fine, but every single tesseract I had was turned to obsidian. I was like whatever I'll just buy more. Ive placed only 6 and am going to keep it at an even six, but then again money well wasted because the servers doing this stupid thing again. So, the tesseracts I just bought are probably now obsidian and I'm out $300. Which isn't much compared to the last chunk of change I lost the first time this happened. I don't know what it is, but if it continues to keep doing this every night around 2:40am (eastern time zone) I am most likely going to find a new server. It's not fun trying to play, when you cannot play, and your stuff turns to obsidian because of some stupid lag prevention plug in.
  4. So, I've recently (around 2:15 am eastern time) that after the server crashed when I log in I fall through the map, thus causing the server to crash almost immediately. Before giving my player ample time to just die and respawn. I've tried everything from jumping before I load in, to trying to move in one direction by holding w/a/s/d, and to even trying to use the /fly command to fly away from that area before the server crashes. I seriously dont know what to do, this has happened twice while playing on this server and both times I just died and respawned. Not to accuse anyone or to play the blame game, but I seriously hope it didnt have anything to do with epiclogan. If someone can help address this issue asap thatd be wonderful, although it is 2:45am and im pretty sure that people want to play on the server. So, im just going to hop off for the night and hope its fixed by the time I get home from work tomorrow. By the way the ingame name is HoldenHacker or Nick: Mike. Thanks guys/gals.
  5. Guessing you don't have access to console?
  6. Yea sorry its the tekkit server, figured when I clicked tekkit that this was the tekkit forums. Sorry if this is an all over forums for all the servers.
  7. Hey, sorry if this doesn't belong here, but Id really like to get back on and finish my reactor and ME devices. The server crashed like 2 hours ago and I have been waiting patiently for it to come back up, still no luck. Hopefully a moderator or an admin who has access to console can get on there and get this back up and running. Thank you. HoldenHacker (Mike)
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