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  1. Whoops. I didn't see that. I'm on the infinity evolved server.
  2. Your Name: jastro_catItem Name + Amount: 1 bound leggings: master blood orb, demon blood shard,sigil of the whirlwind, void sigil 1 bound boots:master blood orb, demon blood shard, air sigil, lava sigil 1 bound helmet: master blood orb, demon blood shard,sigil of the fast miner,sanguine helmet basically the same thing UN_Owen has but no chestplate 1 enderium jetpack 1 bound pickaxe 1 cobalt hammer: 450 luck 1 moonworm queenCoordinates: -370,-2454,64 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 1230am PST 11/20/18Description of Issue: I died to my own iron spike while upgrading my cursed earth farm then landed on a block with airflow from a fan. Screenshots (Optional):
  3. The wooden water tank has been having issues. Whenever I break a block of my wooden water tank, I get an internal server error and it disconnects my game. We took it down while disconnecting many times. I threw away the old water tank and made another one. These do not combine when they are placed next to each other anymore and are unable to fill more than 1 bucket of water. They also don't run the sprinkler when they have water inside.
  4. I only needed to quarry a specific area of my town, I just dug it out instead.
  5. When I try to place a buildcraft quarry in my claimed town, I get an error. "Unable to modify the land here" Owners: Zankr.
  6. Alumite scythe Portal gun Travellers belt Travellers glove White backpack Wrench
  7. I died on 12/16 sometime in the early morning in the Ur ghast tower in the twilight forest and my travellers belt, and travellers glove didn't come back when i broke my grave. On the travellers belt, I had a portal gun, manyullyn ? Alumite? purple scythe,wrench, and a steel excavator.Pics show scythe, portal gun and some other items I had. Can I get them refunded? http://imgur.com/a/HQghu
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