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  1. WARNING: "SWEARING" hello, today i've been doing pvp, there are no rules about random pvp not being ok, you can't just make up rules by agreement, there are no rules about, tp kill, spawnkill (just claim the frickin spawn), btw i was also talkin about the fact that pvp is a part of the game, also is griefing, minecraft is a survival game not a farming simulator, i mean lets say i do everything i've got every single item ingame, then what? i cant even use the armors i make, who do i fight? swords weapons who do i fight??, just remove weapons they'r useless, you can't use em even if there's no rule about random death match (RDM), i've been playing minecraft from a lot of time and i've noticed that the more kids play the game, the more servers get protection, you cant break into someone's base, you cant kill him, but you can kill him if he agree's with it? i mean who would ever agree on getting killed, who? why make a base when u can simply have everything outside and nobody would be able to do anything about it?, what's the point of playing if there's no competition??, what's the point of this game? surviving. surviving is not farming till you get annoyed, you cant block parts of the game, i mean there's like 5 servers that allow griefing in the entire planet, what's wrong with all the other's?? why don't you allow the game to be played? you know why? because it's an advantage for the server, the more players stay the more vip and stuff gets u moneys and things, popularity, if someone leaved just cuz he got griefed no one would donate right? then how do other game survive?? games like rust as an example survive withouth all these shitty plugins, , btw pvp scamming^? killing someone cuz u want to is not pvp scamming.. it's not raiding, and other shit u banned me for. make minecraft great again.
  2. Account Name: Mastermilo Town name: CRACCO Coordinates: -2840 50 -3037 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 24/01/2017 18:30 GMT Description of Issue:i broke a me driver with a 3x3 pickaxe and lost everything, is there anything you guys can do?
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