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  1. Rollback successfull - Confirmed by user. T/C
  2. Your Name: BluboIsland Owner Name: BluboCoordiantes: About x: -17005 y: 144 z: 5597Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 21:00 UTC+2 30.09.2018Description of Issue: The server restarted while I was on another Island, when I came back the ME System bugged out and everything unconnectedScreenshots (Optional): In attachment
  3. So Lancelot helped me as much as he could (by resetting Research and Warp) but we couldn't figure out how to reset the Aspects and Scanned Objects, so if someone could help me in that part I'd appreciate it very much! Thanks for reading!
  4. Hello there, since I have played through this modpack many times on this very Server (including thaumcraft), I cannot start with Thaumcraft allover again since my data is still here and complete (with all the aspects, scanned things). So I request a data-reset if possible. Thanks for reading!
  5. Your Name: BluboIsland Owner Name: BluboCoordiantes: -16998 144 5599Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 6:30 PM (UTC+2) 27.08.2018Description of Issue: our friend who was new to the modpack opened a chance cube on the island before I could stop her, the drop was a big area full of strings which destroyed our island - deleted our items - and blocks - through despawning. (We already destroyed the strings because we thought we could get back the items.... well most of it) Screenshots (Optional):
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