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  1. No need anymore. The items that caused the crash apparently turned into bedrock and are no longer causing crashes.
  2. Your Name: MrColtTown Name: RobinhoodsCoordinates: x: +3940 z: 5770Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 2019/01/09Description of Issue: The server crashes every time I teleport to my base.Screenshots (Optional):
  3. I'm not sure if it's to do with Christmas or not, but Managers or Bruny has not been active on the forum for about 2-3 weeks.
  4. I think only Managers / brunyman can do rollbacks. And how often they check Forum, I don't know. Usually brunyman checks it every Friday / Monday, but it's been Christmas now so I think he's been busy.
  5. Bumping in case I don't have time for it tomorrow before Brunyman does his rounds
  6. Your Name: MrColtTown Name: RobinhoodsAge ID: 43427 I bought a Perma world some time last year, I looked up my paypal, but since there is no real info besides the total sum or who it's sent to, I got 2 Transaction IDs that can match this purchase. 3F32818666519090T 7UL797500F026373Y Keep in mind that one of those are only 4.99, But I'm not sure if I bought the perma world on a discount or not. Please let me know If you need more info that I did not provide here. Thanks. EDIT: Never mind this, you can lock this topic.
  7. Your Name: MrColtTown Name: SillyBananaCoordinates of Town: x:+3592 z: +5736 Town members: LarryNewmanReason for request: It's blocking one chunk I need for my base. This town is only 1 chunk in size and the only player in it has been offline for just over 30 days.
  8. Still don't have the name in Red. It's still the default premium color. I bought the in-game money when there was a Sale on the site. Here's some information I got from my Palpal, I'm pretty sure this is it. This transaction took place 24th of Feburary Paid with MasterCard x-**** Exchange rate 78,88 SEK = 7,50 EUR 1 SEK = 0,0951 EUR Transaction ID 1W0747463B755103R Seller information Rusu Alin alin_bruny@hotmail.com Total 7,50 EUR Purchase details CraftersLand 7,50 EUR
  9. Thanks, My name color is still default though, I'd like it to be Red again. Also the in game money purchase, any idea if I will get that back?
  10. Hello Craftersland! Long time no seen! I see there has been a wipe and would really much like my Rank rewards again, the money and whatever you're allowed to give again (Premium). I also purchased a bundle of in-game money before i quit last time. I bought the 80k In-game Money Kit, i used at most 20. If possible i'd like some of that back, But i'll be happy just to get something back EDIT: I also had a Name Tag with color, can't remember if i had a Prefix or not, but i think i did. Also not 100% on what colors i had. Is there anyway to check that? EDIT 2: I found a Screenshot of my nametag. i had Prefix [Engineer] which was White, with name MrColt as Red.
  11. Although you told staff not to respond, let me take the time to say farewell to you. Goodbye Swimsam, it has been nice playing with you, Take care! Thanks MrColt
  12. Thats not true, only way to know for sure if its spawned in if its says its spawned in. There are ways to get around that and give people spawned items. which is why this rule exists. if this rule didnt exist, anyone in a creative town could easly get millions of millions of items that are not "creative" items.
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