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  1. [Rollback Request] Vortex town

  2. Account Name: _Okitame Town name: / Character name : Vortex Coordinates: ~ [-2615]; ~ [+960]. Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: to 22-06-2017; 19:30, UTC+01:00. Description of Issue: grief. *Screenshots: It's hard to not notice that, lol.
  3. [Complaint] llbeast

    In-Game Nickname: llbeast Time and date: 22-06-2017; ~19:50 Description of what happened: llbeast was asking in chat to live with someone. I accepted and invited him. When I went to mystcraft world, he griefed me completly. He even said "come back to house, I have suprise for you". Worthless piece of shit... Screenshots or Proof: I have more screenshots that I can provide if needed. List of eyewitnesses: check screenshots above.
  4. I need my town back.

    I wasn't playing 2 months, bc I went to work in another country, and after I came back, I suddelny stopped being my town mayor, and my assistant (propably not playing on this server anymore) become mayor. My town is named "Vortex". Please, I need help.