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  1. New Mod for Tekkit

    LOL that's funny as Hell
  2. Space Station Crash on login

    closed was finaly able to log on to server after 2 days
  3. Space Station Crash on login

  4. Space Station Crash on login

    I keep crashing on my space station and am unable to get back on the server at all, as soon as I created it I crashed and cant get on
  5. MyTown Update?

    awe that sucks okay well damn, heres hoping tekkit gets that high one day
  6. MyTown Update?

    I'm not to sure if the newer version of MyTown would work or not but is there a chance of looking in to it as MyTown2 has more options for Towns for some key examples https://github.com/MyEssentials/MyTown2 `/town borders show` Shows the borders of the town by visually replacing some of the blocks with lapis blocks. and no you cant mine the lapis blocks `/town bank deposit <amount>` Transfers a certain `amount` from the player's balance to the town's bank.
  7. New Mod for Tekkit

    Most Likely the reason you think it is too easy is because of the Equivalent Exchange mod
  8. New Mod for Tekkit

    Please Move to Suggestions section of the Forums
  9. New Mod for Tekkit

    now I'm sure when I first looked at this server there was a list of banned mods/items and cant seem to find it again if there was one. but if we can some how get the Equivalent Exchange mod on the server that would be nice, if not how about we get a tekkit legends server It is based around alchemy/magic and the mod adds in a number of extremely powerful end-game items. That require large quantities of diamond to make and large quantities of fuel items to power such as Glowstone or Redstone, to name but a few. It also grants the ability to easily condense materials into more valuable forms. http://tekkitclassic.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Equivalent_Exchange
  10. A couple of suggetions